Yoko Kanno To Attend Otakon 2013

Yoko Kanno
Otakon® has announced that Yoko Kanno will be attending this year’s convention as one of their guests. Yoko Kanno composed the unforgettable soundtracks for Macross® Plus and Macross Frontier, as well as the song “Angel Voice” for Macross Dynamite 7. Other musical works by her include Cowboy Bebop®, The Vision of Escaflowne®, and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex®. Yoko Kanno will be holding a solo concert for Otakon’s attendees on August 11, 2013. The specifics of Ms. Kanno’s appearance are still being worked out by Otakon. For further updates and information, please visit Otakon’s website.

Otakon 2013 will be held in Baltimore, Maryland and take place from August 9 through August 11.

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