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Vintage Takatoku Toy Promotional Posters

Thanks to member jvmacross for letting us post this.


Major Tom added this tidbit on the thread which reveals a lot about the history and midset that went into these teasers.

OK, here’s a brief history in Macross black VF-1J. Back in 97, I was visiting a friend in Japan. He took me on a tour of different cities and we met up with his other friend who use to work as an assistance at Studio Nue. He told me Takatoku request the drawings from Studio Nue so they can get an early build on the toys before the series hit the TV. Studio Nue send the color drawing that they have been working on to Takatoku to make prototypes. Big West haven’t decided what color the hero of the show would be piloting at that time. When they saw the black VF-1J, they made the suggestion to Studio Nue that the hero valkyrie should look more heroic, so Studio Nue decided on the Japan flag color insted. My friend shows me the color drawing of black VF-1J that he saved from his former job. Just think, Hikaru would have been piloting the black VF-1J in his alternate lifeĀ :)

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