30th Anniversary Movies and TV Series Production History staff interviews

“The Men Who Made Macross” Special Airs

An hour-long TV special documentary aired on July 8th at 8pm on the Tokyo MX station as part of the Macross 30th Anniversary celebrations and to promote the upcoming “Macross: Do You Remember Love?” Blu-Ray release.

The show was well made, with plenty of interesting information about the production of the original TV series from the first “Battle City Megaroad” concept, to the production of the “DYRL” feature film, all straight from the mouths of Shoji Kawamori, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Ichiro Itano, Kazutaka Miyatake and Yasunori Honda (sound director) as they reminisce their younger days.

Some screencaps for your viewing pleasure, and more info, follow after the jump.


Of personal interest was a brief segment where Honda-san describes their aims with the new 5.1 sound mix of DYRL.  Some of you may have read this post of mine on the forums yesterday:

Renato’s forum post on DYRL BD screening

Honda-san actually explicitly states that the particular scene which I describe within the spoiler tags was changed on purpose, with that particular piece of BGM omitted to maximize the effect of the intro to the title song.  Obviously, I personally disagree and believe that it does more harm than good, but it was still interesting to hear that this was in fact a very conscious decision, and not a case of “dropping the ball” or any sort of carelessness at all.