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“Super Dimension Seminar” Episode 5 Airs

OK, so I’m sure you know the “DYRL” by now!

Episode 5 of “Macross Super Dimension Seminar” aired on Monday night and it featured the second part of “Do You Remember Love”.

It ends with Sheryl once more advertising the newly-released Limited Edition set, but as far as I know it’s sold out everywhere now?  Hmm…

Interestingly, one of the scenes they cut from the movie for this broadcast (remember they have to split the whole 115-minute film into two half-hour broadcasts) was the actual ending — they literally fade to black just as Hikaru’s VF-1S is taking aim at Bodolzaa.

Next week’s episodes are “Romanesque” and “Yasashisa Sayonara”.

Screenshots follow!



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