30th Anniversary Events

Second VF-1S Cockpit Key Visual Image

The second key visual image for the upcoming life-sized VF-1S cockpit has been revealed. Unfortunately it’s only a small sample image at this stage but expected to see it on a bunch of event merchandise come next month.


Visitors who pre-purchase their tickets at either Animate or via the fanclub can choose one of 3 original designs, themed after concerts for each of Macross Frontier’s characters.
tic3 tic2 tic1

The exhibit will also feature a display of how Valkyries transform, featuring thirty 1:60 Valks, costumes and microphone replicas of the various Macross divas, and themed-foods.


Date: June 28 ~ October 28 (closed on Wednesdays)

Location: Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, Hyogo Prefecture.

Cost: 1300 yen (special ticket with art card), 700 yen (adults), 400 yen (middle-school students), 100 yen (elementary students).