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The latest entry in the Macross franchise was announced only moments ago!

After the credits rolled on episode 25 (‘Last Frontier’) of the current Macross Frontier rebroadcast on Tokyo MX, a message was briefly displayed that announced an all-new Macross TV series.

Macross Frontier fans may recall that the movies were announced in a similar manner after the airing of episode 25 back in 2008.

Few details were actually disclosed apart from the fact that there is a new production in the works.

In the case of the Frontier movies, after the initial announcement it took 14 months for the first movie (The False Songstress) to be released in cinemas, so there’s no guarantee that this new project will even be released this year.

This will be the first tv series in 6 years, and only the 4th tv series in the franchises 30-year history.

No setting, character or plot details are known as of yet, although knowing Kawamori, the Macross-class ship in the background of the announcement is probably the biggest troll of all time.

Keep checking back in with us here at Macross World for new information as it breaks over the upcoming months.

It’s time to deculture again!

EDIT: Anime news network has also picked up on the announcement.