April Fool’s Joke – Kawamori cites HBO series as inspiration for new Macross show

It’s well known that Kawamori is a huge Games Of Thrones fan but we didn’t realize how much until it was revealed at an interview that the new show announced last week was going to be highly inspired by the George R R Martin’s book and series. The new show will incorporate not only one love triangle but a complicated number of love connection between humans and aliens across the universe. The mecha designer/director/series creator also stated that there will be a many protagonist, idols and villains that may or may not make it to the series end.


Kawamori went on to talk about his other projects like the upcoming M3 series and and the currently running Nubunaga The Fool. Pursued to comment further on the new Macross project Kawamori explained:

“Valkar Morghulis”