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Remember, we now LOGIN with email addresses, not your usernames!!

If having problems-please do this

1. create a new mwf account with the email you want to use...add a '-2' or something to the end of the user name..e.g. Shawn is now Shawn-2

2. login to mwf with that new email version account, and send me a message with what your old email address was

3. i will verify the current IP you are using matches the logged history

4. i will update your old account with the new email, and you'll watch for a new password reset at that new email address

5. i will delete your '-2' account


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Pinning this because we are still having infrequent older members having problems finding out how to.

Older in the sense that they registered in 2003...not AGE...but I guess they now go hand in hand 😛

Maybe I'll call them 'Legacy' members


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