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Medicom's Sakura Wars Koubu Neded!


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This has been a quest of mine fore years...

The Sakura Wars figures by Medicom, released in 1999 are great toys that have been tossed aside by many for some unknown reason... but man, I think they're cool. After about two years of looking, I managed to find five of them. There are seven....

I am looking for Sakura's (pink) and Sawada Hiroshi's (white mail away exclusive).

They are quite posable, big, have light-up eyes and say their power-up slogans when you press the button on the top. Very nice...

Can anyone help me track down these figures?


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Good luck, I've been looking for these 2 to complete my collection too. I've seen Sakura's on eBay for about $40 from time to time, but never Ogami's.

If you are lucky, you can find Ogami's on Yahoo Japan auctions, but be prepared to pay through the nose for it. Usually it's sold with the rest as a complete set, or with a couple other Koubu Kais. The winning bid is always at an insanely high couple hundreds of dollars. :blink:

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Huh, yeah, I have a couple of saved searches on Ebay and Yahoo Japan.

If worse comes to worse, I might just customize the recently replaced broken Green Koubu I have, and stick a sword on it.

Sigh... a quest for re-colours, but a quest none the less...

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