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1/48 Low vis with fast packs..


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I'd like to add some of those well-renowned Takatoys stickers to my low-vis with fast packs.

Do I need to buy the "Low-vis set", the "Low-vis Option set" and/or the "Fast Pack set".

I'm unclear as to which set or combination of sets I should get...please advise!

Also, should I just use the Yamato 1/48 sticker placement instructions, or is there a better resource somewhere?


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I'm doing the same thing you are doing.

I bought the low vis option set from twin moons.

I think this will cover everything you need but I can't say for sure because I haven't applied mine yet. I just really liked the shark mouth.

There were some pics of a low vis with the option stickers applied so you can see where to apply them. Just do a search in the forums or go to twin moons.

Hope this helps.

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