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Macross Delta Fandub (Auditions OPEN!)


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I'm looking for Voice acting help to make a fandub of the episode 0.89! (I hope this is the right thread!)

If you're able to help! Please send some auditions my way!

Deadline: April 1st 2016
Email Auditions to: neochandance@gmail.com
Submit at BTVA
Please have a clean mic with NO background noise. (Knowing your way around the freeware Audacity can help!)

*Note: Names or easily mispronounced words in audition lines are highlighted and hyperlinked to pages that pronounce them

Male Roles
Hayate Immelman

Main character: ≈30-50 Lines
Range: Medium/Natural
Desc: A bored and indifferent young man unable to find his calling in life.

Audition Lines
Line 1:[Passive] "I've been to a lot of places and tried many things. But nothing's ever felt right to me"
Line 2: [Neutral] "You know this isn't Ragna, right? This planet is called Al-Shahal. Ragna is 30 lightyears next door."
Line 3: [Dismissively] "Well that sucks for you. Sounds like it's time you gave up. [Offers food]...Want some more?"

Arado Mölders

Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines
Range=Medium / Deep
Desc: Good Natured commander of a military platoon.

Audition Lines:
Line 1: [Laughing] "Add some banana

to that Jellyfish
Line 2: [Expository] "Lady M's orders are to identify the cause of these abnormalities."
Line 3: [Checking in/Playfully] "So then Mikumo. How's our little miss By-The-Book doing?"

Messer Ihlefeldt

Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines
Range=Medium / Deep
Desc: Very serious and professional military personnel.
*Special Note: Messer is German. If able, please record a second take with a German accent.

Audition Lines:
Line 1:
[Expository] "In the past month, there have been ten cases of Var syndrome"
Line 2: [Expository] "Three of which have confirmed abnormalities in the victim's biological fold waves"
Line 3: [seriously] "Keep your mind on the mission, Chuck"

Chuck Mustang

Very Minor Role: ≈1-5 Lines
Range=Medium / Deep
Desc:The comic relief on an otherwise very serious team.

Audition Lines:
Line 1: [Happily] "Later on, I plan to make spicy
jellyfish gyouza at my joint. You want any?"
Line 2: [At attention] "Yes sir! [then confused] But are you sure there's really going to be a Var attack here?"

Female Roles

Freyja Wion

Main character: ≈30-50 Lines
Range: Medium/High
Desc: An energetic young girl persuing her dreams with over the top enthusiasm.
*Special Note: Freyja's Japanese dialect gives the sense she's from the middle of no where. If able, please record a second take in either a Southern and/or Canadian accent.

Audition Lines
Line 1: [Happy] "Isn't it obvious? I love Walkure (Val-koo-re)! I love to sing! When I'm singing, I feel alive!"
Line 2: [Ranting+High energy] "The Mayor was all like “What are you doing with your life! You're 14, go and get married to that apple farm heir already!” So I was like “I ain gonna” and he was like “Oh, but you gotta” So I took my chances and snuck away onto the first ship outta of the system!
Line 3: [scared] "I'm so sorry! Could you please find it in your heart to let me go?!.....you're going to let me go? [Crying] Thank you soooooo much!"

Mirage Farina Jenius

Medium role: ≈10-20 Lines
Range: Medium-Low
Desc: A by the book overly serious character with a knack for naivety

Audition Lines
Line 1: [At Attention] "I am second lieutenant Mirage Farina Jenius of the third Ragna combat team, Delta Platoon"
Line 2: [sternly but calmly] "Please hurry to shelter. There has been a Var outbreak and this will soon become a battlefield."
Line 3: [Frustrated] "Mikumo answer your phone. Mikumo! Ugh...she always does this"

Mikumo Guynemer

Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines
Range: Medium-Low
Desc: A mature but happy go lucky idol.

Audition Lines
Line 1:[Quietly/neutrally] "This is Mikumo. Everything's fine here. How are things on your end? "
Line 2: [Excitedly] "Finally! Some action! Let's go Walkure(Val-koo-re)! It's show time! "

Reina Prowler

Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines
Range: Medium
Desc:Apathetic with very few emotions

Audition Lines
Line1: [stoically/Softly] "This is Reina. Sensors are giving us a clean sweep."
Line 2: [Apathetically] No thanks....I like to eat jellyfish raw....all in one bite"
Line 3: [intro Line] "Music is...LOVE!"

Makina Nakajima

Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines
Range: Medium-High
Desc: Energetic mecha lover

Audition Lines:
Line 1: [Happily] "Hello hello! This is Makimaki!Everything great here on Al- Shahal!"
Line 2: [infatuated] "Oh wow! Regult 104s! Awww! CUTE!" (Regult= Reh-Gult not Ree-gult) (104= One-OH-Four)
Line 3:[intro Line] "Music is.....HOPE!"

Kaname Buccaneer

Minor Role: ≈5-10 Lines
Range: Medium-Low
Desc: Mature and serious leader

Audition Lines:
Line 1: [Expository] "We detected an abnormality near Shahal city fifteen hours ago."
Line 2: [Checking in] "Makina. Reina. What's your status?" (Makina= Mah-Kee-Nah. 3rd result in pronunciation link)
Line 3:[Happily/ Intro Line] "Music is....LIFE!"
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