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5th Wave


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The Good:

I just finished the second of a three book trilogy (5th Wave, Infinite Sea, and yet to be released The Last Star) , by Rick Yancey, about an alien plot to wipe out humanity via various waves of destruction. The books are aimed at young adults, as the protagonists are mostly teens, but as with all war books and movies, heavier themes are ever-present throughout. I found both books to be good reads, recommended. As with most YA sci-fi these days, this has already been picked up by Columbia Pictures to be made into a series of feature films.

The Bad:

The casting: as with the Major in the upcoming GiTS movie, Ringer, a major female character, of Asian decent with jet black hair, is being played by a white blonde girl. Why, Hollywood? I've seen Asian actresses in other films, so I know they exist...unless they were CG, like the dinosaurs in JP. <_<

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