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Robot & Frank

Park Pictures/Stage 6 Films/Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2012

Directed by Jake Schreier

Written by Christopher D. Ford

Running Time: 89 minutes

Rated PG-13 for profanity.


Frank Langella (Skeletor in Masters of the Universe, Jaro Essa in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as Frank Weld

Peter Sarsgaard (Hector in Green Lantern, Cpl. Troy in Jarhead) as Robot (voice)

Rachel Ma as Robot (body)

Susan Sarandon (Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Louise in Thelma & Louise) as Jennifer

James Marsden (Scott/Cyclops in X-Men, Richard White in Superman Returns) as Hunter Weld

Liv Tyler (Grace in Armageddon, Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk) as Madison Weld

Jeremy Strong as Jake

Jeremy Sisto (Billy in Six Feet Under, Bruce Wayne/Batman in Justice League: The New Frontier) as Sheriff Rowlings

Katherine Waterson as the Shop girl


Frank Weld is a retired cat burglar living in a quiet upstate New York town. Aside from dealing with the technological changes occurring in his town, he has to cope with rapid memory deterioration and dementia. As a means of therapeutic care, Frank's son Hunter purchases him a robot to do the daily chores and maintain his well-being. At first, Frank does not get along with the robot, but when he discovers the robot's inability to distinguish right from wrong, he programs it to pick locks and crack safes to get back into the old game of burglary.


It's amazing how someone can tell a very good sci-fi story without breaking the bank or resorting to excessive CG effects. Done on a meager budget of US$2.5 million, Robot & Frank is a lighthearted tale that relies only on storytelling and a solid performance by Frank Langella. Of course, it also helps that Susan Sarandon is in it too. Despite looking like a cheap ASIMO knockoff, the robot is a very convincing performer on-screen.

Hollywood should really learn from this film, as it beats about anything 100 times its budget.

Rating: A


The Internet Movie Database

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