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Bandia 1/8000 scale storm attacker SDF-1 color help


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I know, pretty wimpy model to be doing, but remeber I'm new to this and this will be my third model. But I have discovered a problem. The instructions don't come with a color guide.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I would like to use Gunze paints if possible and since its not DYRL, I would like to do a SDF Macross color sceem.


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I have the original Imai kit and its instructions. Best I can tell, the paint mixing instructions are:

"Middle Red" = H-13 flat red 90% + H-14 orange 10%.

"Middle Gray" = H56 medium blue 50% + H61 ? - 50%

"Sea Green" = H-56 medium blue 60% + H-59 ? 40%

The mixing instructions are specifically for Gunze Sangyo paint, AFAIK.

Hope this helps,


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I've got this kit on my bench right now. I've chosen to ignore the colour scheme completely and am using references from line art and illustrations I've found on line. I wanted to give the SDF-1 the blue/white appearance it has in the series so have struck out with some nice bright shades to really make it 'pop'. I'm keeping weathering to a minimum (except for a minor ink wash to enhance small details like the gun emplacements.

The end result I'm hoping for is 'launch day freshness'.

I've got the 1/8000 Revell Cruiser configuration coming from a recent eBay purchase and am planning on displaying them together.

I'm frankly amazed at the amount of articulation they crammed into the Storm Attack model. It really does everything but transform, and that's an impressive achievement on a 1/8000 kit!

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