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  1. I liked it, looking back I would say cut the second core in half and you would have a good show.
  2. I'm guessing that this ep is the end of the first core. Which would mean closer to 35-36 eps instead of 25 eps. Any thoughts?
  3. For me the question is should I wait till series box set in about a year, in hopes it's cheaper that one disc at a time? I mean $70 +S&H x 9 is a lot of money, where as a series box set probably will be around $350 +S&H.
  4. Going to miss you Gubaba hope you get back to the podcast soon.
  5. Gubaba Someone named Roycommi already translated "The Lost Two Years" and "Plundering Fleet." Check out http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=3705&page=2 If you were talking about something else, then nevere mind
  6. Thanks Chad, This was exactly what I was looking for!!!!
  7. I know, pretty wimpy model to be doing, but remeber I'm new to this and this will be my third model. But I have discovered a problem. The instructions don't come with a color guide. Do you guys have any suggestions? I would like to use Gunze paints if possible and since its not DYRL, I would like to do a SDF Macross color sceem.
  8. Thanks for all the help guys
  9. Here you go http://www.mediafire.com/?kclcndoxhb8cc9y
  10. Sorry about the late reply. I'm at work right know but will have it for you tonight aroung 9pm central.
  11. Totally new to modeling. I have a lot of kits that I would like to start building, but am overwhelmed with all the tools needed to do it right. So my questions to the group is what are some basic tool (pain, cements, brushes, ect...) that you suggest I get? Thanks
  12. Anybody figure out the whole upgrade thing. I have a 21 level quadluun and I can't beat a 4 level one or even a 6 level glaug. Any help?
  13. MichaelS were did you find vol 2, I'v only found vol 1 translated?
  14. I have two questions 1) how do you translate Japanese. I mean do you guys know Japaneses or do you use a program? 2)can you help me with this: Thanks
  15. Can't say I've had this problem. But when I updated I never aske me to log in again, I just launched the game and hit the the game start button and started playing (after a little wait). Much less when I registered I didn't need an email address.
  16. Graham and anyone else who wants it here is v1.22 http://www.mediafire.com/?0zf1n8ui578b9dq One more thing the UN Spacy loge rotating is the wait logo and often takes a few more seconds than you would think to load things. So be patient.
  17. I'll try and get the update posted tonigh.
  18. They added a new button called event
  19. Graham- I had this problem over the weekend. They updated to v1.22 just go to play and update. Since you havev1.21 installed and working you just need to update. if you can't get play to go there try this link in you phone browser: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.mbga.a12008983.lite
  20. version 1.22 out got it DL but keep getting server time out.
  21. Sorry about the religion thing useing google translator. But could you guys help me with this button?
  22. Well it will have a dating game added in a future update. At least that was the plan.
  23. Ok, got some screen caps for you. The last page I forgot to capture but it has a not pad icon on is with a button undeneath that will send your login info back to the game. So press that button and your playing.
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