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Interview with Kotoko during Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 on 9 Ju


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Macross fan, Rei is a fan of KOTOKO since she heard her song 'Shooting Star' from "Please Teacher!" and been wondering if she'll ever have the chance to see her Idol LIVE.

When AFA Malaysia announced that KOTOKO will be one of the artise performing during the event, Rei jumped at the chance to

interview her. Below is her fantastic interview with her idol!

Please note that the interview was done through a translater therefore certain meanings maybe lost in translations.


Question : Who are your role models in your musical career?

KOTOKO : I aim and hoped to be like Ryo of Supercell. I also like SPITZ. Although they are a group of male musicians,

but their music is very original and creative. They have their own world of music. And I wish to have my own individual

style too.

Question : A.F.A. stands for Anime Festival Asia, as you said you like Inuyasha & Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan), which is

your favourite character & why?

KOTOKO : The reason I like Conan is not the character but the story. The stories are very interesting. For Inuyasha, I like

the character voiced by Noto Mamiko-san (who potrayed the character Rin, an eight-year-old orphan girl who saved and followed

Sesshomaru in Inuyasha).


Question : In "->Unfinished->", you worked crossover with fripSIDE's Sat-san, but who was your best crossover with?

KOTOKO : I can't really say, they are all so talented, but I really enjoyed singing with May'n. I have always hoped to work

with Ryo. So for "Light My Fire" (opening song for Shokugan no Shana Final), I managed to fulfill my wish and

worked with Ryo, so I'm really happy.

Question : Lastly, could you describe your concert experience outside of Japan? The fans in Japan & the fans overseas,

are there any difference?

KOTOKO : The difference between the fans, Japanese fans, they usually cheer together, as a group. Whereas, overseas fans,

they tend to enjoy individually.

That was all the time we have. we would like to thank KOTOKO-san for taking the time off from her busy schedule to speak to us.

We would also like to thank Ms. Edna Zacharias from Zentsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Ms. Lim Wei Ling from Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd, the organizers, Mr. Shawn Chin from Sozo Pte Ltd and Mr Abe Foong from Anime Festival Asia Malaysia for their wonderful assistance and support in the interview.

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