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Making a Macross the First pilot


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OK, so my goal is to make one of these:


First step is easy. Head to Studio Starforge and buy one of their lovely 1/72 pilot sets.


Very minor cleanup to do. I just needed to cut back the collar a bit.

Next, get yourself some putty. This is the first time I've ever done something like this, so I'm using Wave epoxy putty, cheapest they had.


Cut off the putty in equal amounts, and mix well. Make sure you wear gloves!



Cut off the putty bits you need, form into shape, and attach. I found out that using a toothpick is pretty good, as the putty doesn't seem to want to stick to wood.


Hmmm, looks like I mixed up a little too much. Oh well, better to have more than not enough! Now, just to let it dry, do some gentle sanding, and paint away.

EDIT:Apologies for the blurry close-ups. Wasn't using my good camera.

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If I read the instructions correctly, you've got about 3-4 hours when the temperature is between 20-25 degrees. I let it sit overnight, and sanded it no problems.

I also want to says "Thanks!" for doing the hard part, coming up with a great little figure in the first place to modify!

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Here's how he looks with the first coat of paint. Shoulder pads are still a little too big, but I can live with it. Going to try and put down all the yellow bits tonight.

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Try and get rid of those bubbles if you can. Looking good!

I am. I've got a panel scriber (basically a dental pick under a different name) that I'm running down those areas.

I actually did a lot more painting tonight than I thought I would. All that's left is using a fine pen to put down some black lines, then a light wash to bring out the details. I'll save the final unveiling until I finish the VF-1J改 that he goes with. ;)

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