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Found 3 results

  1. Looks like it's official... for now.(?) 【『マクロスΔ』劇場版、製作決定!】先ほどまでROCK IN JAPAN FES.でステージを熱く盛り上げたワルキューレ!そのワルキューレが活躍する『マクロスΔ』の劇場版が製作決定!ワルキューレも『マクロスΔ』もとまらない! 【"Macross Δ" Movie version, making decision! 】 Valkyre that excited the stage hotly with ROCK IN JAPAN FES. The theatrical version of "Macross △" that Valkyrie plays an active role is made and decided! Valkyrie also does not stop "Macross Δ"! From AnimeNewsNetwork: The Walküre idol group announced at the "Rock in Japan Festival 2017" event on Sunday that the Macross Deltatelevision anime series is getting an anime film project. The project is the latest work to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Macross franchise. The staff will reveal more information about the film at a later date.
  2. Some pages of the Freyja side story manga is at /a/. Can't link to the actual Raw site since rules don't allow it I think. Info translator anon has given. Well that puts into perspective why Keith said they don't have much time. It makes it even more ludicrous that they drove off the NUN.
  3. Since I know most people here probably don't follow doll news, I wanted to share the news that Volks Japan published via Twitter today. They'll be releasing Freyja Wion as one of their upcoming dolls! Not much detail is available aside from the one picture so far, but we will definitely see more (pricing, availability, ordering, etc.) in the coming weeks. Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/volks_dd/status/793732822422867968 If they follow past pricing, expect the base doll and outfit to be around 70k jpy with additional outfits to be around 15k-20k (depending on complexity). Their previous two entries into the Macross universe, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee were hugely popular.
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