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  1. Don't know bout you guys but it looked quite clear that Alto chose Ranka in ep 23....

    although he did say he will kill her if she were to endanger frontier.


    Ranka does not need Alto's help to kill her. She'll kill herself. It'll happen.


    Alto will back out in the end in front of Ranka and will do the opposite. Save her.

    Tis I'm sure. Then Anato no Oto will play and dokun everyone. Then they all live happily ever after. No I'm not being sarcastic, maybe only 30%, because we're in for a cheesy end. I can tell.

  2. I can already see the massive Ranka fanboys in Japan preparing a mobbing session for Alto after he said "Kurosu".


    A tragic end when the boy kills his love with his own hands ... epic .

    It'll be even more epic if the boy backs out in the end and hugs the girl he loves instead.

    :lol: That's definitely what's going to take place or this supergalactic love story will turn into a dark one. Despite the deaths, I don't think Macross Frontier will have a bloody dark brooding ending with Alto really killing Ranka. The unconfirmed spoiler Kresphy posted earlier is true. It's true. I can already see things forming that will lead to that. Although, I may just be the only one thinking it hasn't been confirmed yet.

    More than Alto's revelation that he loves Ranka, I believe they have FOUND a cure for Sheryl, but Sheryl refused it because it'll weaken her power and maybe some other things. Someone confirm this?

  3. well, if that's the case, then what are you doing citing a "Super Galactic Love Story" as a formula that would lead to an Alto-Ranka pairing? wouldn't it have been much easier to simply cite "hollywood" standards, and thus avoid any reference or inconsistency with previous macross works?

    we are talking about a macross series, after all.

    Because the main website is calling it a "Super Galactic Love Story" and with how things are progressing, I can't help but say that it would lead to a RankaxAlto ending, considering they are going to give us a happy ending. And most importantly, I'm free to state what I see. B))

  4. They're not going to call this Macross a "Super Galactic Love Story where Fate of the planets Intertwined" if the triangle is going to get unresolved like Macross 7. No matter how I look at it, the super galactic love story makes sense the most if you apply it to Alto and Ranka's relationship. The main girl is easily Ranka, and the main guy is no doubt Alto. Their dramatic parting in 21 was even one of the themes in the October issue.

    Main girlxMain guy = Super Galactic Love Story. :lol: It just does not fit if I try to relate it to Sheryl and Alto imo. I tried but then, I look at Ranka and Alto and it couldn't compare because Sheryl is often cast aside for most of the episodes just for Ranka's development, whatever it is. Sheryl is more likely to end up as the real Singer of the story since she sees singing as a proof of her living more than anything. It's her true calling. There's also how Ozma confronted Alto, and Alto's reaction. Things are not going to stay the way as 22. But I don't know, I just can't see Alto not choosing anyone or staying by Sheryl's side till the end ^_^

    Speaking of 2ch polls, what happened to the popularity polls in NT, Animage etc?

  5. And as far as I know Ranka has more drama than Sheryl, she's got 2 dudes, an uncle, a best friend, alien followers, cool gadgets and the whole background story on how she rose to fame.. The story is more centered around her than Alto himself.

    And it seems to me that Alto never liked Sheryl in that way... he's just warming to her now that she's dying.

    How many QFT reply did this post get? Here's another one. QFT. I don't think there's any surprises there since Ranka has been pretty prominent even in the early production notes, so the gist of the story will be on her side. Ranka is no doubt the main female lead. Ranka and Sheryl's part in the show is hardly equal. The recent staff interviews also questions Alto's actions towards Sheryl in 22, so I think you're on the mark.

  6. The goods keep coming :lol: Thanks.

    And the little something that caught my eye:


    This line is confirming that there is still doubt about the triangle. Essentially: Alto promised to stay beside Sheryl, but is it true love?

    ... :c

    I don't think the triangle was ever resolved in 22. So it makes sense that they will bring this to our attention, much like how they brought the picture of Miyo sama and Alto in the middle of that emotional scene last episode. ^_^

    Google translate everyone for those who can't wait. :p

    Newtype (Newtype)

    早乙女Alto (Alto Satome)

    SMS members to take action and is separate from the newly formed as the ace of the new integrated army Vajra passes Alto-destroy mission on the frontlines. URAHARA his actions and he is waiting to be believed Lanka?

    "Sing" Sheryl chose. She and blindly seeking to snuggle up to the new corps commander of the Valkyrie Alto.

    Cheryl (Sheryl)

    Alto is now expected to seal, even as weapons-even song pour the remaining time to decide.

    That's what the diva in her letter of the galaxy.

    ARUTORANKA separated from the experience of the meaning and own the head-on the face of battle begin.

    Lanka to the ground even as it was.

    MEJU (Animage)

    Sheryl is an incurable disease罹っlearned that when the heart is largely Leaning Alto.

    Frontier and the sacrifice of the Vajra MUKATTA Lanka star mother's side and the enemy can also be divided into

    It was prepared.

    Sheryl until the last moment and held the side of the Alto. However, it is really a true love? Alto later thoughts Conveys couldnt Lanka, mankind at last song to protect the Kimi disabuse Ai BAJU La mother stars MEZASHITA.

    BYU INTA Yoshino (Yoshino Interview - script writer)

    Songs for the final out for APPENDICES almost everything is new to the state. Why had the new record? , You'll actually look at you.

    In particular, the last episode of Part B is clear that it is enormous. The new song Oh, but stay tuned… KUDASAI. Must-See Item 24,25 story of Monica and Jeffrey sub caravan. Just a little bit happy, but振れたcamera.

    About Grace (about Grace)

    Norm Mao, RANSHE, May and Grace O'Connor. The three former convoy with the 117th survey

    It is studying the strict secrecy Vajra colleagues were. Mao and his claim to RANSHE accepting so RARENA

    Grace. As a scientist here until her pride in his frantic efforts? The climax is particularly GUREISU


    Climax will finally come to life as a mad scientist it. Chu Lanka to beat me, using the KANAEYOU own wishes. The fighting is left to cool while screamed It is pretty bad. Song climaxes with a battle also highlights all of them dramas.

    Chapter Director Interview (Director's Interview)

    Media (Animedia)

    Lanka, the mother Mei RANSHE "Susugi Ran" Mae and write.

    DOKUTAMAO "doctor" in space biology with a doctorate.

    Sheryl, 23 stories, the voice might sound like a different clan.

    Ozma Alto who is with the timing because I did not. Sheryl OKENAKATTA that emanated from.

    Sheryl Lanka and they are all Ozma voluntary step, at any rate is against the SI

    Only Alto has been delayed. Alto may be the first to promote the attractions of one climax.

    Grace conversations with the voice of the people of the Galaxy executives. Galaxy is a holocaust that we have been

    壮大なるgiving the lie to them. An undisclosed safe place to hide, from behind the plot. Galaxy GUREISU meet the interests of an experiment in running behind the scenes. Experiment is a success for our brothers at the expense of the Frontier厭わないof people think that since the obnoxious from Grace. They see the last of what you (River Forest)

    Lanka's tummy NAISHO is shining. In a sense, the story of bile. If we were to have deep meaning.

    In this column think they'll want it (river)

    Brera Lanka and the memory is a common term. It is now back to Lanka, but still

    Peace is lost, so it UMETAI. Another important thing is "I Do" kids Vajra

    And the emotionally, "feel like" that. This is "really" want to know.

    Brera has been one of Cyborg, "as his"取り戻したいI think. Hopefully Lanka and

    It feels like you know it.

    Grace is a large span, so try things on a small sacrifice can not be helped, and so on.

    23 story after the sacrifices we deploy will be strong

    BIRURA is important, the photos are mainly of… Oh, I see that point of view (laughs

    Last three TV series to do as long as you do, I feel like the eve of the deciding match.

    Staff only hope is to not fall.

    Lanka Vajra voice, and what were the relationships? Alto is hard to fly in the sky? TAMEKONDA

    詰め込んpacked with every element, to the bitter end deploy do not know what would happen

    And so does not miss, please! Yes! Until the last minute…

  7. I say this is how it's going to be.

    Boy meets girl

    Girl meets boy

    Boy saves girl

    Girl crushes on boy

    BoyxGirl gets closer ---> next day boy meets woman

    Girl tries to get boy's attention all throughout, succeeds once

    BoyxGirl gets separated again by their own circumstances

    Boy gets emotionally attached with the Woman

    Girl gives up on Boy

    Boy gets/will get confused

    Boy will leave woman

    Girl will hit a pinch (plotwise)

    Boy will realize his feelings

    BoyxGirl will end up together

    Thus the title of the final episode is a major set-up for the cheesiest moment in mecha history. As for the girl I voted. You can probably guess by now. Cliche? Absolutely. :rolleyes:

  8. I hope these translations I made are correct, someone please correct if they are wrong.


    Episode 23: True Begin

    (This is already in wikipedia.)

    Episode 24: Last Frontier

    Members of Macross Quarter find out about the secret of the accident of the 117th investigation fleet. The shadow of Grace's ambition is present. The Frontier military had done a gambling decision to continue the fleet, and decided to challenge the Vajra.

    Episode 25: Your Sound

    Facing the Vajra star, the Frontier fleet commences a suicide attack. (I don't know if suicide attack sounds right, let's just say it sounds like an attack where you can die). However, the Vajra are powerful and the Frontier residence Island 1 is endangered. Battle Frontier faces this enemy's star.

    Nice one.

    Perhaps it's safe to call the "suicide attack" as a battle to the death, since google interpreted it as a "very fierce" attack. The possibility of Ranka summoning all of the Vajra away from Frontier (looks like Island 1 will get hit) and self-destructing with the planet to stop this is still very high. So I don't think I'll dismiss the unconfirmed spoilers yet until I see the actual episodes. It's not like I'll lose anything.

    I'm curious about where Kresphy got the unconfirmed spoilers. ^_^

  9. Quick true info!(updating)




    第23話 トゥルー・ビギン




    第24話 ラスト・フロンティア




    最終回 アナタノオト




    ■第23話 トゥルー・ビギン (9/11)





    ■第24話 ラスト・フロンティア (9/18)




    ■第25話 アナタノオト (9/25)





    Who's silhouette in stage?





    Google translate :lol: I'm contributing.

    True story ■ Begin Article 23 (9 / 11)

    Frontier's fleet of straitened resources in the food rationing system, and the concentration of oxygen also falling.

    Among which, Sheryl Alto to face down the disease, and cook a meal FURUMAU devoted to the care of.

    The battle of peace can not spend his moments, but

    Vajra Lanka and the ecology of a secret three songs we hear from….

    ■ 24th story: Last Frontier (9 / 18)

    Section 117 investigation once Vajra their convoy was attacked by the real facts of the case identified the shattered S. M. S members.

    Lanka lost their families, and classes Ozma this case it was Grace's ambition is at stake.

    Meanwhile, Frontier's fleet of military Vajra and put an end to the fighting that decision.

    ■ ANATANOOTO Episode 25 (9 / 25)

    Frontier's fleet and Vajra offense and defense is a very fierce.

    Space Frontier attack aircraft carrier battle to the enemy stronghold, while the assault,

    Vajra attack convoy of equipment falling into a residential area of AIRANDOWAN. (Island 1)

    I folded the bridge that was established to stage a person's silhouette is projected on the

    Pretty similar from the early unconfirmed spoilers. Somewhat. :)

  10. quick info



    Ranka collecting all Bajura in the Mother Star, and self-destruction.

    FULL info





    NUNS decide to destroy Bajura's Mother Star with Fold Weapon.

    Alto prevent Ranka self-destruction and destroy Fold Weapon.

    S.M.S vs NUNS!!

    What about my Sheryl?

    This might still be unsourced right now but if this is how things are going to go, I must say that we're in for a one heck of a finale. This makes sense. A WHOLE lot.

    This may tie in with what the Galaxy is planning to do with the Vajra homeworld which is their "treasure planet". For Ranka to self-destruct together with the Vajra, I could only guess that Galaxy's dream will be detrimental to every human being alive.

    Of course the issue with Frontier and Vajra will also be another matter. Double death threats for Ranka---from herself and from the people she's trying to save. People who have hated on her character for so long will get....served.

    This will be amusing if this spoiler gets proven.

  11. That's 12 hours. Leave if you don't want to be spoiled.

    -Considering the circumstances, AltoxSheryl doesn't feel right. I'm not a Ranka fan. And we'll get to her issue in a minute. I'm not a fan of pity or sorrow-type relationships. I do wish, if Alto made a choice, it would have been if he didn't know. Knowing someone is going to die or not be around changes the circumstances a lot. If Alto made this choice without this fact, I would agree with it more. But in light of Alto finding out now, AltoxSheryl just does not work.

    -Ranka said her goodbyes. RankaxAlto doesn't have the weight that it could have. She gave up and made her choice. She probably regrets it under the circumstances, but she's going with her gut (no pun intended) and she's sticking to it. She stays at neutral till the series ends.

    -AltoxNobody works. :)

    -Which brings us to the 3rd point of this triangle. If Alto uses Ranka to save Sheryl, he's no better than Mishima and Luca. But if he chooses Ranka, then he's a jerk. Unless Sheryl dies and some time passes. Ozma is right. Alto needs to figure it all out. Alto needs to answer the "Why?" in the question. Ozma does for the people he loves. Alto needs to figure this out himself and find his own path or fall to the dark side you will.

    -Luca...Much fear I sense in you. The cloud of the dark side I sense over you. Oh wait, that's just Darth Sid...Leon.

    -The animator who did Ranka's dance must have done Sheryl's dance as well. He should get a raise for getting the movements so close to the real people. :lol:

    -Luca actually used chaff/flares with his VF-171. I'm impressed. He actually dropped them instead of being cannon fodder.

    -Speaking of the VF-171. They upgraded it. Guess that rules out the VF-25.

    -Now, if Alto and Sheryl did rock the boat...I hope Alto had protection. :lol:

    Someone mentioned Gundam Seen Destiny elsewhere....great now I see some parallels. I need kill that person. I just got it out of my head and now it's back there. :angry:

    Hey, I dig your observation. ^_^ I also feel that AltoxSheryl doesn't feel right here. Or how the way things flowed, it just wasn't clicking. But I also feel that it wouldn't feel right if Alto leaves Sheryl after what he said to her. Ultimately, I feel that Sheryl herself will let Alto go. I know Alto's bound to falter later on with how Ozma left him like that, and I can't see Sheryl begging Alto to stay with her so that she "can continue to keep singing". Sheryl's new song Fairy kind of tells me that she'll somehow turn out fine with or without Alto.

    I love that Luca doesn't have a rosy cheeks anymore. Could this be proof that he's maturing :lol: And how did Galaxy minds find Vajra homeland when they are not there? Perhaps they are using Brera as their eyes?

  12. What explanation do you guys have/speculate for Klan Klan not going with the Quarter?

    I was wondering if she's taking on Michael's role and watching over his two teammembers who have chosen to stay with NUNS... or just staying neutroal


    think Klan understands what Macross Quarter is trying to do unlike Alto and Luca. However, her hatred for the Vajra d/t Michael's death is probably the reason why she's going to aid Frontier in its crusade towards the Vajra. You probably don't want her to meet the Vajra Queen, or the little queen for that matter.

  13. This episode ain't so bad. I like Sheryl's new song. I wonder which episode they're going to play it fully since we know we only have 25 episodes.

    Things I understood without the subs so help me God. :lol:

    Ozma and Cathy's investigation somehow led them to siding with the Vajra---maybe understanding why Ranka left---other than the fact that Leon isn't to be trusted. They informed every member of SMS that they'll be going after Ranka or something similar. Alto received the message, but was interrupted when Sheryl woke up. Alto was carried away by Sheryl's condition, I see it as a spur of the moment projected from what happened to his mom but don't let me ruin your own view, and told her that he'll stay by her side till the last moment. Cut to Ranka telling Ai-kun that she feels glad at the moment, but also in pain at the same time. I could only guess. Cut to Alto later on. He finally read the message and (my, is he afraid of Ranka now? what a face) chose to stick to what he decided nonetheless. As SMS Quarter made its departure, Klan (?), Luca, and Alto stayed behind acting as the opposition.

    Ozma and Alto had a showdown, and Ozma passive aggressively insulted Alto while they battle. He then confronted him and said, "To whom are your wings for?". He said Ranka chose her own path, he--himself--chose his own (which is to find Ranka), and brought back the question to Alto. "How about you? Where is your path?" Alto's frustration went max and all he could do was scream.

    The finale will absolutely be astounding with things being set-up like this. I can't wait. Great episode.

  14. Fantastic episode. As expected. I really have a feeling

    that Ranka and Alto's peaceful scene in the preview will be followed by a painful scene. I expected Alto to tell Sheryl more about his mom, however, Ranka was the one to bring it up and we learned more about Alto. Surprises.

    :) Does anyone think Ranka will come back? Or will Alto/some similar event find a way to drag her back? I lean on the latter.

  15. Episode 23 synopsis from the new TV Life programming guide that just came out today (Thanks to the guys at the Chinese Macross Eden forum for posting it). Thumbnailed screenshot attached.

    Looking forward to NT release next week for the remaining synopsis for September. Thanks!

    23 「トゥルビギン」

    フロンティア船団の資源が不足し、食料は配給制に。酸素も低下する中、アルトはV型感染症をわずらうシェリルに手料理をふるまい、安らぎの時を過ごす。その直後、ビルラーと三島から衝撃的な. 秘密を聞くことに。

    23 True Begin(ing?)

    Due to insufficient resources in the Frontier Fleet, food is being rationed. As the oxygen is being lowered, Alto cooks for a V-virus infected Sheryl and they pass the time peacefully. Right after that, Bilrer hears a shocking secret from Mishima.


    Thank you. I notice this spoiler is a little suspicious with the lack of details. The only hint we get is the title.

    When you say "touru", is it true or tour in English? Tour begin?

  16. I guess you just refuse to see things from others' point of view. What they are trying to suggest you is that if Ranka's tragical past seldom haunts her and play nearly zero effect on her current characteristics, then why can't we just ignore them in a discussiong mainly on her characteristics? She does have things too easy TO HER KNOWLEDGE AND MEMORY.

    It is very evident that you, much like justinstrife, just hates Ranka. Period. There is no point trying to inform you that what you just said here is devoid of reason because it will not reach you.

  17. I replied to your post knowing full well of the latest spoilers.

    To pull a Ranka ending now, is to make some of the most unbelievable story writing(read bullshit writing), you'll ever see in anime. Worse than Canvas 2 in many regards. Ranka's stayed stagnent for 20 episodes, yet all of a sudden, she's going to age 5-10 years mentally, and be the person she should have been by now? It's a little late, and a dollar short.

    I think you are just complaining because this is not true. Alto choosing Ranka is not called horrible writing. It makes the most sense to me storywise. Alto and Ranka's story began at the very beginning, girl meets boy. Boy saves girl. Girl crushes on boy. Boy supports girl. They ate happily at Nyan nyan. Next day, boy gets involved with a 'woman'. Girl gets sad and you know the rest. This is a very typical scenario in romance anime and after 20 episodes, I still see macross frontier sympathizing with the girl's story.


    Shanz read this blog, then read all the comments. Hell, go to all the major blogs on the internet for Macross Frontier, as well as all of the forums, and you'll see that this show has been dissected to the lowest common denominator. As Crusader from his blog says, Ranka's been given far too many handouts. She hasn't had one major disappointment yet. She's so completely overdo for one, it's pathetic. Like all of the characters before her, in the Macross Universe, Ranka is going to need to grow up...

    Yes yes yes, I've been a lurker for far too long and I'm aware of the blogs around. Ranka will only grow up once things blow up in her face. That is exactly what happened in this episode. She didn't know what hit her and she failed trying to handle things. From the heartbreak she suffered up to the Vajra attack. This is why I sense a major character development on the way from here on. We get to see Ranka flourish as she regains her memory and resolve things. She is at the center of all this chaos afterall. ^_^

  18. There's some major flaws with your logic. The most obvious one is, Sheryl has always worried about her fans, Alto, Galaxy, everybody, over herself. She has always put others before her. Ranka on the other hand, has always put herself, or Alto above everything else. Case in point, episode 12 during the Galia IV arc where she never once showed concern for Sheryl or anyone else on the entire planet except Alto. #2, she never showed concern for her best friend Nanase after she was hurt, and could only comment about how warm Alto's hand was, before thinking of Brera in a past memory.

    I don't think it'll convince you with whatever I have to say now because from the way you put this, you're being a too biased when it comes to your description of Ranka. Ranka may be in dire need of development, ep 20 is obviously setting up the stage, but I don't think she is as self-centered as you claim she is.

    Ranka hasn't learned anything yet. She hasn't grown up yet. She's still a mental midget. Until she grows up, she has no chance of winning the love triangle. You can't have an adult and a child in a love love relationship. It doesn't work. You need two adults.

    From what I can see, Alto feels the need to be there for Ranka because she always seeks him. Contrary to what we expect, Alto doesn't mind that Ranka seeks him. He welcomes her and looks out for her. Alto and Ranka are only two years apart. They're both teenagers. You are the one saying that black should be black and white should be white or it is not happening.

    The fact is, Ranka (immature as she is right now) does not affect her chances with Alto. Although it's evident the author will not let Ranka stay this way.

    Another thing, only 3 people knew Sheryl is dying. Grace, Michael, and Klan Klan. Grace is the main bad guy, Michael is dead, and Klan Klan is about to go apeshit on all that is Vajra with deathflags abound. That leaves Sheryl with... Who exactly to help her? Since Ranka interrupted and went all emo, Sheryl is no way going to tell Alto about her illness, and will choose to carry the burden alone. As well as carrying the burden of the peoples' despair. So then who will carry Sheryl? The people? The ones who toss her aside on a moment's notice when a new Heroine comes to town?

    You should include the character's feelings into account and see if they even want someone to carry them, rather than inserting your own want. Does sheryl want someone to carry her? You heard her in episode 20. She is very independent and she is fine with this. Ranka on the other hand wants to be with Alto. She needs Alto and gets hurt at the thought of being without him. This is the clear difference between the two girls. It might be a little unfair to compare Sheryl to Ranka right now since Ranka is just about to start her final character development. But I said it...

    No, Sheryl needs Alto's support more than Ranka's. Ranka has been using Alto as an emotional crutch since almost day one. She's shown no ability to do things on her own without it involving him somehow. Very, very unhealthy. Ranka will never grow out of being a child, until she learns to give him some distance, and show she can stand on her own two feet without him. Unfortuntely, we're past episode 20 now, and time is about out.

    This sounds more like a rant of your dissatisfaction in Ranka's character that is why you, speaking for yourself, don't want Alto to end up with her. This however doesn't have anything to do with Alto. I don't think Ranka was show to be this obsessed, but maybe trying to clear this for you is futile.

    I'm leaning on a bittersweet ending at this point. Alto finds out about Sheryl dying after they become a couple, and there is no cure for her, so they spend what time they have left together, while Ranka runs off into the sunset with the Vajra and Brera in tow. Or something of a similar variation to that.

    And I'm leaning on a happier outcome for everyone. ;)

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