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  1. According to the Official Macross Site, the SDF-2 Megaroad-01 fleet vanished 4 years later during the new expedition (in 2016 A.C.) and was never heard from again. Lynn Minmay was part of the missing...

    but in macross frontier the fleet (i think it's the SDF-2 Megaroad-010)

    was found by ranka and alto..in ep 12-13...

    dunno about what happend to lynn min may and her friends (MISA HAYASE AND HIKARU)..probably dead already..killed by Vajra/ live together with vajra...by singing for vajra..hahaha

    the ship is already become a nest for vajra...for about 43 years..

    i think Vajra interested with Lin min may..and have sex...and have a childern..

    and the childern is married with a zentradi, etc...until Ranka Lee is born with a Human,Zentradi,Green alien (Ranka's pet) blood..

    thats explain why she is a quarter Zentradi..

    and why Vajra want to kidnap her and have a child with her...

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