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  1. 23 hours ago, chyll2 said:

    water slide decal silvering is really noticeable on dark surface. If it is a white plastic/white painted surface, I dont think you will have a problem. I had reasonable success as well on using decals on satin finish (painted with Tamiya AS spray paint) surface and bare plastic of Bandai.


    Unfortunately I am attempting it on a very dark background. It's Gamlin's VF-22. 

    23 hours ago, mickyg said:

    While gloss is ideal, I've had reasonable success without it on Yamato VF-1 valks. Though that was on white, admittedly. What are you wanting to tackle?

    Might be worth looking at @no3Ljm's progress on his Arcadia valks for some tips. Since we're usually dealing with lighter plastics, you can get away with a lot less surface prep than you would on a darker model. 

    Thanks, will check those out. The water decals I am planning to use are quite small as well. Might make a few test runs before using the targeted decal. 

  2. Hi guys,

    Looking for advice here, I am planning to place some waterslide decals on a few matte Yamato birds and am wondering if I need to sand or use primers. Does anyone have any experience with this? I read about using a waterslide prep solution but that's just to allow the decal to slide freely right? Just worried about the decals peeling over time. 


  3. Wowza, finally found the time to transform it to battroid mode and really it has blown me away. Probably my favorite valk in terms of transformation now. Admittedly it's a bit complicated but it is very well constructed with so much detail and tampo print. A shame it didn't do well on the market but this is a massive leap forward compared to the broken mess that was the 171. My only issue is the way the wings are just left there, but that's really symptomatic of the recent Kawamori designs. This is now my #2 after the 21/22. Love it!


  4. 1 minute ago, no3Ljm said:

    If this Ba ends up more of a low-vis scheme, I might bite so I can pair it with Kairos. ^_^

    I would love to do this but the scheme is getting too close to the 171 "nightmare" for comfort.

  5. 1 hour ago, borgified said:

    Just another thought.. Can this be the twin's, and Bogue's Draken (don't know of Hermann's or Kassum's version)?

    Edit: @raptormesh: Getting the add-ons or are you going to leave it for now?

    Nah usually don't have interest with addons or anything that would spoil the wings :) .

  6. 10 hours ago, borgified said:

    Have you gotten the chance to change it to gerwalk/battriod mode (or you left it as is)? Any visible paint chips/scratches that you have noted since you have gotten it in hand. 

    Yeah transformed it to gerwalk thanks to Wotafa's video, took the better part of an hour. Probably the most complex transformation I have done, and a bit overdesigned if I'm honest. Once you get the hang of it I assume it'll go much easier though. That said, the transformation is quite ingenious though I will still give the champion mass shifting trick to the 21/22. 

    No scratches to be seen so far. Will swap it to battroid tonight. 

  7. Ahh the curse of the black dot. One time I had to leave 4 or 5 of them in Gerwalk mode because of this issue. Took me 5 years before I got it right, pretty embarrassing. 

    By the way, for a few legs that were too stubborn I took the thigh apart just by removing three screws and resetting the joint. Painless and quick. 

  8. 13 hours ago, borgified said:


    @raptormesh: You have actually got a good deal for the SV-262 (I see that their asking 17K for most of them). If there was additional damage, Manda would tell it on the description and photograph each damage that was noted.  

    The 17k is for a new unopened copy though :). Yeah hoping the bird's alright. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Sanity is Optional said:

    In order from least sturdy to most: VF-25, VF-27, VF-31. It's much better, pretty much everything tabs solidly into place. The stickers/decals are a nightmare, but that's normal for a transforming plastic model, especially with the pinstriping on the 31s.

    Thank you, glad they improved their tolerances and design. 

  10. Cheers mech, thanks for the links. Figured it'll be an exclusive to make it that much harder for me. Guess I'll check tamashii as well as I have access to a local address. 

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