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  1. okay guys quick update. The masters are almost done and should be here this week. Unfortunately, I have to travel to Texas on business, and I wont get them til Saturday anyway. Got all my mold making supplies in and ready to go. So molds on the 1/72 should be done over the weekend. Please keep those orders coming we are at about ten right now. I know some of you are waiting for the finished product photos so be patient should be in another week.
  2. No Problem MechTech actually a lot of manufacturers are using this process so I'm sure I will get good results. Well I got an email from the printers that production has started so we should see the masters in about 10 days or less.
  3. Okay everyone the models are off to the printers and should be here in about 2 weeks. in the meantime i will be submitting more 3d model work for the military and civilian vehicle sets. If there's something you would like to see put the lineart or artwork on this thread and I will try to make it a reality. Thanks for all the kind words and support.
  4. Okay guys about 6 hours to go. I will be ordering these at 7pm my time. Just so that everyone knows, I have enough orders to cover the costs for the 1/72 scale so it will happen. Now lets see if we can get those 40 orders to make the other scales happen. By the way If you want multiple scales, I'm sure something can be worked out so that everything is shipped at once. I will get a price quote from the printers and if can cover that, Those interested in 1/72 and 1/48 may be able to get those as well. All this may take about 4-6 weeks to complete guys but as folks have said. These have been a long time coming so whats a couple more weeks.
  5. Thank MechTech! I really like this process. It enables everyone to give me their opinion without wasting materials. There are a LOT of things to consider when doing this. Most 3D printer have a 1mm wall tolerance so when you are dealing with details on a very small scale, it can be cumbersome. One more important note is that these models will be hollow and casted that way so that lights can be installed if you want. One more last note guys, I added the tow bar to the tractor seen in the Macross Perfect Memory book. As far as price for prototyping goes For the three samples i had done in 1/100 scale I used the cheaper material. they cost me about $15-$20 bucks each to have printed. For the masters for this set, i will be using the more detailed and expensive ABS plastic. Your get more detail, but you can imagine at 1/72 scale the price will go up a bit. Figure about $40-50 each for the smaller vehicles and about 80 for the Boom truck.
  6. Thanks for the advice Gunny I will definitely do that. As far as Starship Modeller goes, I have talked with them before, I know they are busy so I will wait and see. We have talked in person at Wonderfest and they were going to purchase some diorama stuff from me. So far the price for the 1/72 set is $100. I am already in the process of converting the models to other scales. I have 1/60 done, and I am in the middle of 1/48. The reason I need 40 initially is to be able to print the masters for these 2 scales. And that will fuel the masters for the next set of vehicles and so on...
  7. Last model in the set is done. Here are the pics for the AC unit. I will send the whole set off to be printed late Sunday so you have till then to request changes or details to be added to the models.
  8. I have designed these models in parts to make them easier to print and to facilitate casting. Here are some examples of the models in pieces. I hope this will make things more clear. the forklift will be able to move as well as the boom. the doors on the boom truck are even a separate part so you can have them open if you like. So I have put a lot of thought into these so that the builder has more options. These will also have steering wheels, but due to the small size, I am having them printed in bulk since they are too small to cast.
  9. Most of these vehicles are open cockpit, but if you notice the Boom truck is designed that way so you can use plastic sheeting to make your own windows. I'm going to try cutting out some windows in clear plastic on my CNC machine to see if they work. The civilian vehicles will be the same way. I can actually have certain parts printed in clear plastic so I'm going to experiment with that. I will also be using Wire to simulate all the connections for the power unit. They are also broken up into parts so the boom will move up and down and rotate. I will post a picture of the model in parts.
  10. Well It's looking good so far. Thanks for all the support guys. Here is the final detail pics for the boom truck and the water truck, as well as the preliminary AC/Power unit. The models will print pretty much as they look in 3D. So let me know if these are okay and I'll Finish the details on the AC unit tomorrow and send them off Late Sunday to be printed. As for my 1/48 scale guys, I'm sure these will do well and even if I fall short, we can work something out. It may be a little more expensive, but I can have a set printed out for you guys. Okay guys you have till Sunday night for any objections before these get sent off. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support.
  11. Thanks Cool8or. That's the beauty of this process. All I have to do is scale the models and i can convert to any scale I want. If the 1/72's and the 1/60's do well I may do a run of 1/48's. I will also be getting ready for the next set which will be the military vehicles with the jeeps and the APC.
  12. Okay guys. Here's another update. Just a few more details and the boom truck will be done. 2 more vehicles and I should have these to the printer by Saturday. Now the moment you have all been waiting for! After doing some math and figuring out material costs, it looks like the first set of ground support vehicles in 1/72 scale will be $100 for the set. That's the 7 vehicles i have mentioned before on this topic. I will also be offering the vehicles individually for $18 bucks each, except for the boom truck (due to it's size) which will be $25. In order to make this work and to move up to the 1/60 scale set I need to get 40 orders. So if you are interested please PM me. I will not accept any money till the prototypes are in my hands and i can then post photos for everyone's approval. Once the photo's of the master's are on the thread, i will leave the floor open to comments or allow folks to change their minds. So let's get the ball rolling!
  13. And yet another update. I am designing the forklift so that it will be able to somewhat go up and down. And here is the model for the Engine/tank trailer. I just have to do the Small tanker truck and finish the boom truck and the set will be ready for printing! I will have pricing soon once I get the printing estimates.
  14. Thanks for all the support guys. here is another eye candy update. rought Gunpod carrier and forklift.
  15. Don't worry Grayson the power unit will be included. Basically the set will consist of the forklift,tractor, boom truck, the Ac/power unit, the gunpod carrier, the engine trailer, and the water/fuel truck with the funky exhaust. I will have a better idea on price once the final prints are ready and I start casting. The military vehicles will be the next set. So far the m299, the xm3002, the APC, and the 2 other vehicles I have shown earlier will be included. I will give the option of swapping out those 2 with either the m299 or the xm 3002. Sound okay? Lobizon That is PERFECT! Just what I needed thanks!!!!
  16. Thanks Cool8r! I am having the 1/72 scale ground equipment printed by the end of this week. I need some photos or line art for the gunpod carrier. I will post Photos of the 3d models as a set and then I will be taking orders for the 1/72 scale vehicles. So far the sets are going to be Ground support equipment, Military vehicles and civilian vehicles.
  17. My samples arrived today! To the naked eye they look really good! Some of the powder that is used in the 3d printing process in visible in the pics and I used the cheapest material available, just to see how they look. I think if i use these as masters I will print them in the high quality material/machine. These are in the 1/100 scale and I put them in with some of my 1/100 scale stuff including the original Macross factory vehicles from Imai. Let me know what you guys think. I'm going to clean these up and get all the excess powder off of them, primer and post some more pics. but for now, here are the preliminary photos.
  18. Hey guys. here's an update. Fixed the ambulance and added more detail. And I got another civilian car about 90% done. I think this one was also a Taxi. Next step is to show the samples once I get them and then break these down into sets and then the real fun starts.
  19. Thanks Beast, It kinda hard to see for sure in the lineart but i'll fillet those corners. Been doing some research and have some more civvie vehicles coming. I may even do Jim's jeep from Mospeada. If there is something you would like to see let's give it a try!. The sample models are on their way to me right now I should have them in a week or so (hopefully) Keep those suggestions coming.
  20. And here's the ambulance. I will add more detail but the basic shape is what I'm looking for opinions on.
  21. Thanks Miriya I will be doing these in sets or individually. Here is a preview of the taxi: still need to add some detail, but the basic model is done.
  22. These are great! My copy of the book is electronic so it kinda sucks. I can really do some damage with these. I'll start on the limo and taxi today. I'll do the ambulance too. thanks again!
  23. Thanks for the lineart Cool8or! I actually was going to do the taxi, but not the limo until now. The lineart I have sucks. If there's not enough intrest, I'll print one out just for you.
  24. Okay here is an update. needs a little more done, but here is a preview of the boom truck.
  25. Hey ahiachris, I checked out your thread, Awesome work! Sorry I wasn't trying to step on your toes, like most folks here I wanted something for my particular scale and figured out a way to make it happen in any scale. unfortunately, anything smaller than 1/100 scale isn't possible for the 3d printer to do. So It looks as though i will be doing these in 1/60, 1/72, and 1/100 scales. I may break these up into set. A Macross city set with all the civvie cars, a ground support set (obvious) and a military set (with the jeeps). Please, if anyone has an idea for something they would like to see done, post some lineart and I'll try to make it happen.
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