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  1. How do I put this nicely....your selection of games sucks!!!!

    Seriously though, you are buying some very poor games when the console has so much to offer. Branch out from the niche jrpg games and you can find some truly great games.

  2. I have some bad news about the XBox 360 version of Dead Island. There seems to be a fatal bug in the game. One of my XBox Live frinds found this out the hard way (thanks my1978chevynova for pointing this out).

    If you start a new game with a character that you already beat the game with, that character's data will be corrupted <_< . I hear that the next patch will fix this. I really hope so, because I haven't touched the game since my brother got it and I'm worried about the bug.

    This is by far the worst aspect of the current gen of games. It seems like every company releases half finished games because they know they can just patch it later.

    It annoys me even more than DLC and online passes. Although they're not far behind.

  3. Well, Chrono Trigger was a bit more basic but you could still avoid a lot of battles and in Chrono Cross you can play the whole game with just boss battles if you can get around the enemies. So they do have the ability to avoid battles, but they're a bit old now and were basic in their execution. Still, they were an important step and compared to other games of the time it was very different.

    We can look at Final Fantasy 12 though and see how they took that system to a whole new level. After I played FF12 I thought I was looking at the future of RPGs. No more random battles, no more changing screens, everything happened in real time.

    Random battles were only created because of hardware limitations which don't exist anymore. Its an archaic style of gameplay and it should have disappeared a long time ago. Its the main reason why I stopped playing RPGs, I can't stand having to put up with random battles when all I want it to move the story along or get to a treasure chest.

  4. From what I remember hearing years ago Square doesn't actually own the story to Chrono Trigger. And since the writer left and went to Namco to make the Xenosaga games its unlikely they will ever make another game in the series.

    A shame because they are some good games. I love how they had no randome battles, they were years ahead of their time.

  5. I'm not a big comic book reader but my favourites right now are:

    Mark Schultz - Xenozoic Tales(Cadillacs and Dinosaurs)

    John Buscema - Savage sword of Conan

    Albert Uderzo - Asterix

    Herge - Tintin

    Jim Lee - X-men

    I like the classics. I also find that a lot of newer artists are good but their stuff doesn't seem to stand the test of time. I like the ones who's art always seems to be good regardless of the era.

  6. I feel your pain. I'm on my 3rd ps3 as well.

    First one stopped reading disks just after the 1 year warranty as up. Luckily I had bought an extended from the store so I was able to use that. Took them 2 months and according to their policy I was supposed to get a brand new one since they didn't fix it within 60 days. I was given the runaround and had to send a pretty nasty email to their head office. They ended up giving me a new one. I was still without a ps3 for 2 months.

    Second one lasted about as long as the first, just passed 1 year so it was again out of warranty. Same problem too, disk drive stopped working. This time I had a friend who worked at eb accept it for trade and I just put the money towards a slim.

    I'm on the 3rd one now and like you, unemployed. I have no intention of buying another console if this thing breaks down but I'm afraid it might go at any time. I like the games sony has been putting out, but their hardware leaves much to be desired. And supposedly the 360 was even worse at launch. There should be some sort of consumer protection for when companies make such obviously flawed hardware.

  7. they're going to edit out 'irrelevant' or 'unrelated' or 'inappropriate' material from their press conference?

    sounds like a 'north-koreanization' of a franchise, with their 'dear leader' tommy yune's face and upper body on every HG poster, extending his hand a la kim jong il.

    expect nukes flying around soon. XD

    Will the nukes be powered by protoculture?

  8. Has anyone finished Book 5?

    Yeah, I finished it. I won't spoil anything but I was discussing it with a friend and we both agreed that it was the weakest book so far. The whole book leads up to NOTHING.

    Personally I got the impression that by the end he was just rushing to get the book out and wasn't really putting any real effort into it because the first half of the book is still good.

    He supposedly had the book half done by the time AFFC came out and it still took him 6 years to finish it, how long will it take him to write the next book now that he has to start from scratch?

  9. Wow! You have a long, long, LONG way to go! Hehe :D

    I just finished book 4. Not bad but definitely the weakest in the series, to me, thus far. These books are massive and after reading books 1-4 back to back to back to back, I a bit burnt out. I think I'll read the new Dresden book and possibly something else before I tackle book 5 :wacko: Besides, it's not like book 6 will ready anytime soon :blink:


    Don't worry book 4 will only be the weakest until you read book 5. A lackluster effort from Martin on it. I hope he picks up the pace in book 6.

  10. Yeah, I already sold Street Fighter IV to buy Street Fighter IV Turbo, and now they've got Super Street Fighter IV. And I got MvC3 near launch, and I'm not real thrilled to hear that they're re-releasing it already. And still no Mega Man!

    You know Megaman is coming as DLC. He is the most wanted character which makes him and easy sell for DLC.

  11. Just a rumor, from Magicbox :

    RUMOR: Digitimes reported that Sony's Taiwanese partner Foxconn and Pegatron Technology will being production of PlayStation 4 in late 2011. The PS4 will have motion control similar to Kinect and will come to the market in 2012. At least 20 million PS4 will be delivered by the end of 2012.

    Sony has said that they are making a new version of the slim that is supposed to use less power so I'm going to assume that is actually what is going to be built.

    I just can't see them releasing a new console in 2012. The economy is terrible, they already have the vita coming at the end of this year and out of the 3 consoles they are in the best position to continue because of blu-ray's storage capacity. I would expect MS to announce something first since they are starting to realize dvds are no longer enough for the types of games being released.

    I don't know how much of a threat they see the wii u as. Its basically a ps3/360 only released 6 years later.

  12. I still say they could mix Wing Commander, all 3 Starship Trooopers, & Independence day.

    That sounds like a good project for a fan group. Take all 3 and re-dub them with a few people, then add in some robotech music and you can call it a new live action show.

    Or just make 3 movies out of them and call it a trilogy. It can work...sort of.

  13. Instead of 1-3 months of free PSN+, I rather they give us a $10-$15 (or whatever reasonable amount) voucher code to use on whatever we like in the PSN store...

    But then people would use the money to buy games published by other companies and Sony would have to reimburse them. This way they're giving you credit, which costs them nothing.

    The cloud saving is indeed worthless since you will lose access to the files afterwards. What's really stupid about cloud saving is that you get about 150MB of storage for your game saves, yet AFRIKA, a game published by Sony themselves in Japan has a save file of 250MB. So you can't even backup the save file for one of their own games.

  14. 1-3 months of free PSN+ is a called a promotion, not an apology. :angry:

    In Europe the rumour is that they might be getting to choose some PS3 games. Possibly 2 games out of a list of 5. They might also be getting 1 free PSP game.

    I agree that free PS+ is little more than a promotion. The only advantage to it is that you can buy games at a discount. As soon as I heard this I immediately realized this was little more than an attempt to get people to buy products after the network comes back. Everything else it offers disappears once the free trial ends.

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