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  1. According to Tommy Yune, the total budget for Shadow Chronicles was less than $1 million USD... and it seems like a fair bit of that went to the voice actor budget, being that most of the original Robotech cast now belongs to the Screen Actors Guild and hiring Mark Hamill can't have been cheap either.

    This seems impossibly low for a full movie. There have been cartoon series that had 1 million per episode budgets. Granted, the animation was pretty good but its a much shorter program.

    In terms of rebooting robotech, the problem always comes down to money. Lets say they make some changes and get rid of all the macross references that might be getting in the way. In the end they will still need money and that means they will need to find a partner or at least funding for the project.

    The problem is that the story of earth being attacked by aliens is pretty generic so why would a company like WB pay them to use the robotech name if they could easily make their own "Earth under attack show". Plus the real reason for saturday morning shows is to sell merchandise and again, why have to share profits if you can make your own generic show that's not called robotech.

    This makes it almost impossible to find funding. And of course the track record of failures must scare away investors pretty fast too.

  2. This will never happen during the PS3 generation.

    Microsoft got an early lead in the online service and sony needed to play catch up so they offered free online. They won't change that. Once the PS4 hits though they will definitely be implementing a pay service.

    There is too much money in it to not do it. Plus by then they have an established online community that will want to stay with them rather than go to the next MS console. Especially since the online prices should be very comparable.

    Implementing a fee after this whole hacker fiasco would also be suicide for them. They will probably see a large drop in online purchases as it is.

  3. yeah... that depends on believing anything that Sony says on the matter. I've already had my card reissued.

    I did the same as soon as they said there was a chance of credit card info being stolen. Better safe than sorry in this sort of situation.

    I'm still surprised at how long it took them to say anything about it. They should at the very least immediately told people to keep an eye on their credit card bills and then when they knew more they could have told people to actually change their numbers.

  4. So how does HG find new Robotech fans these days? Or are they just holding on to a dedicated bunch from 25 years ago?

    I find it hard to believe that they could be bringing in many new fans with the animation alone since it really hasn't aged very well and there is nothing new to get people's attention or make Robotech a household name. Plus even the people who DO watch the animation aren't guaranteed to become fans.

    So, any new fans or a small dedicated group that is slowly dying out?

  5. In case anybody is trying to figure out kresphy is posting, these are Japanse courts' decisions from 2001 on the "Macross" trademark in Japan by HG (I think) from their US trademark. Simply put, they were denied. But we already knew that. Either way, nice read.

    Please tell me that HG didn't try to copyright the Macross name in Japan when someone already had it.

    That would seem like a really stupid thing to even attempt.

  6. I was looking forward to this game until I played the demo. I hated the button mashing combat and as much as I like Patrick Stewart, even he could not save that horrible writing.

    Since some of you have played it, how does the demo compare to the full game? Any chance I will actually enjoy the full game?

  7. So where does Macross Plus stand now? Can Manga put out more copies of Macross Plus even though HG owns the trademark on Macross?

    What if there was a new version of the OVA made, could Manga still release that or would it be blocked since it wasn't the same item that they released before the trademark?

    And because I have a crazy idea, what if Manga released Macross frontier under the title of Macross Plus? Can this even be done? Could they theoretically keep releasing every new Macross show under the title of Macross Plus with a subtitle to separate them all? Yeah, its a crazy idea, but can you imagine if it was possible?

  8. @ Veffidas

    I actually saw DYRL before the tv show and the movie works very well on its own. n fact it works better since when Hikaru and Misa get to Earth you don't even know if they're on Earth. Its not until you seee the destroyed ship that you realize that it is in fact a completely destroyed Earth and it really adds to the shock of the scene.

    Plus DYRL was very different from the series. They knew they had to make changes to the story to cram it into a movie and they did. With Macross Frontier they were just trying to get everything from the series into the movie and it didn't work.

    Regarding the nudity. It was never as bad in the other series. In Macross Plus it actually worked since it was just a hologram and it went with the whole mind control thing Sharon was doing. In here we have Sheryl thrusting her butt at the screen and sticking things down her shirt just so her breasts move. Did she really need to have her phone between her breasts so they would shake like that? When she was taking a break between songs did we really need a close-up of her breasts with sweat running down them?

    If they're going to do it then keep it to a minimum and leave something to the imagination. And at least try to be tasteful like in MP.

    Its like back in the early 90's when EVERY movie had a sex scene. Even as a teenager it got to the point where I was finding it ridiculous and just wanted them to get on with the movie.

  9. Just finished watching the subbed version. I think most of the positive and negative aspects have been covered by everyone on here, but here goes.

    The positive. The movie is beautiful. The new footage, especially the backgrounds are just fantastic and they used bright colours throughout which really makes the movie stand out. The CGI was also excellent. That about sums it up for the positives.

    I hated the movie. If you're easily offended skip over this because I'm about to tear into the movie.

    The opening of the movie was very poor compared to the series. They should have just used the first two episodes from the series and taken it from there.

    The music was nowhere near as well implemented as in the series. The songs felt like they had no flow, they would just stop and then another would start. No transition, nothing.

    The fan service. Did we really need to have Sheryl shoving her breasts and ass at the screen? And was it really necessary to have Grace naked in the shower with nipples and all. It feels cheap and like a desperate attempt to sell the movie to the desperate and lonely.

    Sheryl was my favourite character in the series, yet here we have her turned into your typical bimbo who's nothing but a pair of breasts running around for no reason other than to make them bounce.

    The ending action scene and music combination was nowhere near the level of awesome that the last two episodes of the series were. The worst part is that they were clearly trying to emulate the ending of the series and it just makes the movie's ending mundane.

    And the absolute biggest problem with the movie is that unless you had seen the series you would be completely lost in the story. Watchmen had the exact same problem. The movies are so directed at the fans that everyone else will be lost watching them.

    I could go on but there is no point. And I'm sure I can't be the only one thinking that I could build a better movie by piecing episodes together. 2 hours is about 6 episodes. 6 episodes out of 13, totally doable and it would probably flow better than the movie.

    The middle of the movie actually picked up a bit and it seemed like it was going to be really good towards the end but in the end the bad really outweighed the good. Hugely disappointed.

    And like I said above, I hated the movie.

  10. Anyone heard played the two Lost Planet games? I'm pretty interested with the second one from what i've seen, though i guess i should start with the first.

    Skip the first and go straight to the second. It does everything better and its just a better game.

    Just some advice. If you really want to get the most out of the game convince a friend to buy it as well and play through the story mode in online co-op. That is where the real fun is. Playing single player doesn't do the game any justice.

  11. I really hated this movie. It was told from the point of the 2003 show which I always hated and worst of all they completely got the 80's turtles wrong. They acted nothing like they did on the original show and the writers instead just had them acting like retarded kids.

    The only redeeming thing about the whole show was seeing the original characters redrawn in new animation. I give it a generous 4 out of 10. They didn't even manage to get any of the original voice actors. Shredder isn't Shredder without James Avery doing the voice.

  12. If you could still play PS1/2 games on the PS3 I might consider buying one, but so far there is really nothing apart from this game that I can see justifying a new console purchase. If and when DYRL comes out on BluRay then I might consider it.

    The new PS3's don't play PS2 games but they all play PS1 games. But the PS1 games are region locked. Only PS3 games are open region.

    And its definitely not worth buying a console for 1 game but I'm sure you could find a few more games that would justify the console purchase. The Uncharted games for example.

  13. Adding audio is something that is done a lot. I've seen many shows and movies where the Japanese version has no speech since it is meant to be a scene where the image is supposed to tell the story and let the viewer fill in the blanks but they always add audio.

    These shows are always aimed at kids and kids don't really get the whole silent scene moment so they have to add speech to keep them interested. Can you imagine trying to get a young kid to watch a silent movie?

  14. MF-99 Thanks for the info. I have the old "hardware" reverse compatible PS3.

    Glad that I well be able to play the Japanese PS3 games.

    Looks like yes-asia will be getting some of my money.

    One more thing. Movies will be region locked. Even blu-ray movies.

    So games are ok, but all movies will be region locked.

  15. I thought only the blue ray movies are region free but the games are region specific. Has anyone played "Japanese" games on an "American" PS3. Thanks.

    All ps3 games are region free. I have the Asian version of a game and it runs fine. However, if you have a ps3 that can play ps2 games then the ps2 and ps1 games will still be region locked. Only the ps3 games themselves are region free.

    If you are looking for a blu-ray player then getting a ps3 is a good purchase since you also get the gaming side of it and you get firmware updates which will allow you to always watch the latest movies but if you have no intentions of playing any games besides ACE then you will be better off saving your money. No single game is worth the cost of a console.

  16. I understand the premise, but I just want a concrete answer what the heck The Prize is. Knowledge, mortality, reproduction, whatever.

    Going by the first movie it would appear to be ultimate knowledge.

    Personally I prefer the world they created in the series where they don't really know and are just fighting because those are the rules. There might not even be any prize waiting for them at all.

    EDIT: I refuse to accept the crappy movies as part of the story. In fact, I refuse to accept any of the movies of part of the story and just stick to the series.

  17. It seems like all Hollywood can do these days is sequels and reboots. I knew there was a reason I stopped paying for movies.

    Does anyone really expect this new movie to better than the series? The series was better than even the original movie, which although good for its time has not aged well.

  18. Also Zolan hybrids.

    Cloning is the reason why humans outpaced Zentradi population.

    I beleive in the Timeline it states after the Second Battle of Macross City in 2030 giant Zentradi are banned on Earth's surface.

    While miclonization is a choice it became mandatory as far as Earth policy is concerned.

    I can see Zentradi who prefer to be their natural size living at factory satellites and colonies on the lagrange points or the moon.

    In fact I can see Island 3 as part of Frontier's all natural sales pitch.

    Its still pretty stupid that they allow full sized Zentradi on Macross Frontier. If you are headed into deep space and with limited resources you would want your population to be small so they could use less resources.

    As for the whole mixed population I kind of see it as when Europeans first settled in the Americas. There were a few who had kids with the natives but for the most part they didn't really mingle.

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