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  1. For those of us on my side of the gaming pond, its been a celebratory month; that humble rubble-keyed wonder, the colour-clashing 8-bit icon, Uncle Clives most successful child, the working persons micro - the ZX Spectrum is 40 years old!



  2. At the time, electromagnetic catapaults were still a bit... that'll be nice. Someday. And it wasn't just the means of getting the aircraft off the carrier, it was the aircraft itself, the choice of which also included a proposed naval Typhoon...


    Today has been a good day for military aviation history buffs to have some fun:


  3. 22 hours ago, Tking22 said:

    Yeah the hoverboard is in scale with the car not minifigs, the old IDEAS set was minifig scale and came with a board Marty could plug onto. 

    Thanks for confirming that. Would have been nice if they'd included something like the old board as well though.

  4. I can't justify it, but I want this almost more than I want an actual time-travelling DeLorean...!

    Kind of a shame the hoverboard doesn't have studs to place a figure on but I guess thats partly because of the sticker and partly because its scaled to the car, not a figure?

  5. Its a good breakdown, but they do seem to be under the impression that the F-15s are the STOL test type, rather than what are clearly a more futuristic variant designed for the movie (though undoubtedly with elements inspired by it).

  6. The weird thing about some of the Easter Eggs in A-Ko was that, at the time, I recognised some of them (the alien Captain being based on Harlock, for example) but it would be literally decades later before I saw the anime they were referencing! I only knew them because of articles in “Anime UK” magazine. The Captains drinking makes much more sense now I’ve actually seen “Captain Harlock”… 😃

  7. Oh, hell, yes. Project A-Ko was one of the first "true" anime I saw, at a time when in the UK there were something like a total of three anime available - this, "Akira", and "Fist of the North Star" [1]. For a long time, it was THE standard by which I judged other anime, and I wore the VHS tape to death. It took a while to realise not all anime was of that quality. I also loved how on each re-watching I'd pick up another Easter Egg - A-Ko goes to school with Lum, for example... 😃

    I have the DVD from some while back but didn't realise there was a Blu-Ray release.

    [1] Technically, there were some weird compilation tapes, various TV shows like "Battle of the Planets", and hybrids like "Mysterious Cities of Gold". And some mysterious people working out of a mythical place called Bangor doing something involving Bubblegum. Subtitled anime? That'll never catch on...

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