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  1. FWIW, in game lore that I picked up has the Reapers hitting Batarian space first, and the isolationist tendencies of the Batarian did not help -- they were pounded into the ground very quickly. Having gotten into Batarian space, the Reapers are then free to use Batarian relays. Given the Reapers built the Relays, it's entirely possible that they could set up any relay-to-relay connections they wanted.

    At any rate, Earth's battle started when the Reapers came through the Acturian Relay; The Alliance fleet there was somewhat ready and could put up some resistance, but essentially the Earth government hosted in that system got obliterated. The Reapers then continued on towards Earth, leading to the opening cinematics. The Alliance fleets did put up resistance, including the sacrifice of a full fleet to let the rest get away.

    Remember, by the time the Reapers hit Earth, they already have enough biomass to create Cannibals (definitely identified), which are Batarians and humans parts kitbashed together. The humans can be explained by colonies, early hits, and maybe Collectors, but that many Cannibals.. many Batarians died to bring you those Cannibals.

    Reapers' FTL capabilities are unknown, but presumably are less efficient than Relays -- relays are in high use by the various races because it is faster and fuel efficient IMO. I think it's reasonable to assume the same for the Reapers, even if their tech level is way higher.

    End of the day, the Reapers are not so much intelligent, but controlled by the "Star Child". It may be just that the idiocy in Citadel just decided to snooze a bit longer.

  2. The Jusitar bubble can also be used offensively as a trap. Enemies that walk in the bubble take 10% more damage by default. Fully upgraded it will cast warp on them and become biotic detonate-able.

    FWIW I finally got around to levelling the Justicar. She's.. strange. Overall, she's working out ok -- note that I usually play Bronze. Once I worked out that the Justicar is a "Pull" Adept it became easier -- spec'ed to maximize the Pull field, would get the Detonation evolution.

    SOP is now to use Pull as first response; the CD is less than 2 seconds and that should have been a big clue. Pull makes the floaters harder targets but is a crowd control tool, quite useful if the Adept can get good sightlines and start floating whole gardens. Reave in to get the DR and Biotic Explosion, plus Reave is great against Phantoms, works through their Barrier -- seems like Asaris are natural predators of Phantoms, what with Stasis Bubbles and Reave.

    Biotic Sphere is spec'ed to be protective; 40% DR IIRC. I don't use the Sphere that much as it's a highly defensive power in my evolution. Don't consider it as very useful offensively since it's hard to set up properly, hard to get the enemy to cooperate through it. Got to try to see if I can "throw" the Bubble further -- I usually set it up on the ground I'm on. If I have to run all the way into the enemy to set it, It's a bit too awkward to use properly IMO.

  3. Oh, and I let the sabne Rachni Queen die in my paragon playthough, thinking her indoctrinated and saving Grunt in the process. My brother comes along after all is said and done and tells me that a loyal Grunt from Mass Effect 2 survives the Ravager onslought if you save the queen and sacrifice his squad at the end of the mission. Oh, well, I'll take the 5 point Renegade boost in this playthough, and I'll save her in my New Game + playthough.


    I kept the faux Rachni. Grunt survived because I bothered to Loyal him in ME2 (didn't know it made a difference), so he came back asking for lunch instead of kicking the bucket like Zaeed. I won't suggest saving her though, I did and there were.. consequences. Not too major, but still.

  4. Tali, EDi, and some of the others are on the other side, after you finish talking to Garrus, you play a little mini game with husks, and then you get to move to the other side of the compound. You can't backtrack, but additional members are available on the other side to talk to.

    Then you talk to Anderson and move on.

  5. Yeah the Revenant was too heavy to be practical. Still its fun to mow down enemies with. Especially since most foes turn helplessly paralyzed under the repeated machine gun fire.

    Haven't gotten the Batarian yet, but I did get the Geth inflitator. The geth are funt "glass cannons" to play as with a Nova-like melee attack and predator vision that leaves shield strength at 50%.

    I am hoping to unlock the Asari Justicar soon though because the bubble barrier ability is really handy for creating a safe zone during Objectives.

    Revenant just got buffed today, noticably more powerful (not overwhelming so). I don't like the buff, but not going to argue. Full rock and roll is usually good, but if you're not a Turian you sort of have to go with a stability mod.

    Batarian melee build is becoming the normal. You can build a Batarian Soldier with 30% DR, Explosive Cone Blades, and pair him up with a Revenant or a shottie (Scimitar's good). He becomes quite an interesting build -- open with weapons, switch to Blades, and then punch the lights out. I ran this build during a particularly hard match on Condor, he came out quite well -- even punched an Atlas in the groin, though another player nicked the kill with a SMG.

    Don't forget Geth gets 5% bonus with Geth weaponry. GPS is still top of heap there, but the Geth SMG is quite popular too, especially since the ULM works only on it. I honestly think from paper (didn't unlock it yet) the GSMG is too lightweight in damage, but the ability to couple big mags with heatsinks means almost an unlimited ammo effect. Pair it with some Cryo, and icing on the cake...

    Not too keen on the Barrier Bubble, as it makes the Justicar very predictable. And what's she going to do on normal waves? Taking away Stasis and replacing with Barrier makes her more one dimensional.. I'll definitely try her out, but not very comfortable with her.

  6. Well...

    Technically, gut-shot and bled out.

    More descriptively, Citadel mission. He got involved in the somewhat blackmailed/ turned Volus ambassador. Was part of a merc team hired to "extract" him for Cerberus, but had a change of heart when Shepard got involved. Worked out for Shepard, but not for Zaeed.

  7. Whoops turns out I forget to actually install the DLC in the first place... I'll have to try them out it with my crazy new infiltrator build: Revenant machine gun + Black widow. Recharge rate is slow, but it gives me enough flying lead to pulverize anything near or far. :D

    Sorry, was a little busy lately to reply. Basically, my feel is that if you have a Black Widow unlocked, you don't really need a Revenant backup. While sniping CD is not a big issue, CD from objective capping/ medic work is substantial if you pack two heavies.

    Was tooling around with the new Batarian Soldier. Quite an interesting build, Melee specialist that's not a Krogan. Nasty Blades, if evolved right.

    It's so great staring at the readiness map and see 99% across the board :D ... why are we loosing the war against the Reapers again? I haven't had time to bother with multiplayer too much, but just spamming GAW from the ME3 iPad/iPhone app during coffee breaks gave me full readiness in all sectors in about a week's time. Best ending, here I come !

    To be honest..

    I finished the SP over Easter. I was never really convinced that there was a Reaper war, but definitely a Human Civil War between the Alliance and Cerberus. Honestly, I think the storytelling missed a bit there. Spent more time shooting at Cerbies than Reapers... go figure. Went to Earth with over 7000 EMS, so it was never really in doubt.

    And when the Geth showed up the difficulty of combat took a significant jump. Doable, but jarring. And that stupid Reaper fight on Rannoah.. height of stupid level design.

    Hurmph. My FemShep had a fairly rough ride. Start one day seeing Mordin die, end the day seeing Thane go. Zaeed next. Then a couple of days later, Legion went that way. And finally, presuming that the teammates you take into Hammer died at the final assault, Garrus and Vega bite it, followed by Anderson.

    I was actually quite pleased that I got TIM to commit suicide. Wasn't trying to follow any guide, was just sticking to Paragon choices throughout my interactions with him. Found out after finishing that the suicide was a result of being consistent throughout.

    As for the ending, I was prepared to see Shepard die. Really, it was either to see Shepard die a hero or live to see herself become the villian. I was ok with the story up to where Anderson kicked the bucket.. the "ending" wasn't really necessary, and badly handled.

    The non-spoiler part. Vega grew on me over the game and his squad ability complimented Garrus quite well. Well Revenant V would chew through most things, AP ammo and Incinderies helps.

    Oh and the patch they released to fix the face import seems to be working, but still looks off. TBH, they messed with a fairly decent model from ME2, and ME3 faces doesn't quite cut it for me.

  8. What new maps :blink: I have been playing around with random location games and the galaxy map, and all I get are the same old maps.

    2 new maps. Hydra, which is a map based on a hydro dam on the same planet as Dagger. Condor, which is based on Palaven's moon. You are using random so may not have hit them. I got into 1 fight out of 3 randoms I ran on one night.

    I've fought on Hydra already. It's quite open, quite good for snipers. Conder not yet, but by repute the hacking objective in one particular spot is quite messy.

    Anyone else find that ME3 is the easiest of the ME games? I just finished my insanity run with a freshly imported me2 character and it was a breeze.

    I think the main thing is the gun-leveling. I was doing a normal run (I think), and once I leveled up my gun to Level 5 and mods up as high as it can go, I didn't even bother with any other gun. It didn't helped that I was running with the Valiant V as an Infiltrator. The Cerberus troops are mostly push over, and it was only at the very end, on Earth, that I started to have problems with the Reapers... and by then I've took the precautious of upgrading to a Black Widow with a Carnifex as a backup.

    Gun upgrades made a mockery of a lot of enemies that might otherwise make your life difficult. Actually I still had some 20+ points left over unassigned, IIRC. Never had the need.

  9. Hailfire's more problems than solution. That many moving parts and bulkiness.. Would be interesting to see if it can fit either the new 12 medium, 18 long or 18 drums, even if alternating with flat clips. Can't static mount it, but sling mount and it might work out. The basic Barricade is a flywheel gun, right? So upping the voltage will give a better performance.

    Is that 25 drum a new one? I recall the old drum was 35 or so? That stock looks promising, not the gun -- same with the 12 medium clip and foregrip. Might get the Hailfire but really, that's just a monstrosity that's not likely to see use.

  10. I can go one big round, but I'll boil it down.

    I believe that Sony takes pride in its products and manufacture them the best they can, so they *should* have solid build quality. However, Sony has developed a reputation for "doing their own thing" and properitary technologies that makes it difficult to share commonality across other electronics. And you'll always have other electronics.

    If I have to pass data around, I rather not deal with Sony's weird-assness. If it's a standalone appliance, I don't mind exploring.

    End of day Sony's selling more a lifestyle product than anything else. In its way it's like Apple, only stranger.

  11. Stories like that make me want to hook up the ol' 360 to the internet and give it a shot. Kinda. Maybe. Sorta.

    If you do, stick with Bronze-level games unless you are looking for challenges. I personally only run on Bronze unless it's for events. These games have way more pick-up gamers and doesn't really need a mic for coordination, so you can get by without it. It's reasonably fun, 20~30 minutes a match, and most people aren't so ass-like as on PvP games. Coop does tone those things down a lot.

    Don't try Gold unless you are very familiar, the difficulty is basically Insanity level, and the Goldilocks people are kind of particular about who they play with (for a good reason). Official forums are full of Gold-people who does sort of look down upon Bronze players like me, but there are good tips there.

  12. Just want to share a particularly satisfying MP experience.

    Took out my Asari Vanguard to level and joined a Bronze lobby, saw a N7 Level 7 and 8 Soldiers, and one other more experienced guy. Thought, ok, we can hack this. Went out to Dagger/ Reaper and fell apart in Wave 3.

    Yeah well, Live and Learn. Stuck with the group, the experienced guy went off and another experienced Soldier joined up. Went out Ghost/ Cerberus. Team was surprisingly cohesive. With a leader in a similar class to lead, they turned out to be surprisingly good. Group really came together once they realised that they were so screwball as the last match.

    Acted as a scout and managed to catch a whole bunch of Cerbies jumping down and managed to Stasis Bubble the first one.. and every Cerbie fell into the Bubble and got frozen. It was a Turkey Shoot. I looked behind me and all 3 of them were there splattering shots out. I looked at my pistol, decide to put it away, and just sustained the Bubble in place. Let them have the kills, why not?

    Later, the group was drawing the attention of an advancing Atlas, I flanked it, started using Stasis to strip the infantry out. Just kept rapid firing with the pistol into the Atlas. Must've been a sight for the newbies. One slight Asari, armed with a pistol, plinking away, and the Atlas explodes. :lol: :lol:

    To cap off an extremely satisfying run, I also managed to stasis every Phantom of the match and killed them all (or at least a majority). We ended up extracting fully, and fairly cleanly. One of my better runs.

  13. Well just rolled a Turian Soldier. Slapped a Revenant on him and pointed him to the door. Wasn't too bad, definitely different. Marksman's effect is not as great as I thought but still visible; Concussion shot is way more tactical. Still so long as I use the Revenant to support my teammates properly, it's good.. the firepower is quite interesting. On White, it was really cool to start from the far end and methodologically sweep the downstairs area with the MG, one area at a time.

    My human infilitrator is now Level 20 -- did a very good Reactor/ Reaper run, the team was really good. Asari Adept to lock down the Banshees, couple of infiltrators, plus one "other". Generally knew what they were doing and had the right tools to do the job against Banshees and Ravagers and what's the big tank? Good to see a good crew at work, good to level to max with that crew. Won't be promoting her anytime soon -- want to unlock her customization first -- but eventually, yah. Also just gotten Mantis VII. Mantis V with Barrel I and IIRC Clip 3 was crazy -- 22 shots and can bodyshot grunts, cloak headshot mid-levels, and quite good against the big bosses -- can't wait to try out Mantis VII.

  14. Talking of the Multiplayer impact on the story, I'm happy to report that I have achieved the Defender award -- 100% in all sectors. All without stepping a single step into the single player campaign. :lol:

    Also gotten Mail Slot achievement. That is to say, I delivered enough heavy mail to Cerberus Guardians through their mail box. Not say it's super difficult (you do need to have patience and somewhat cooperative teammates), but there are easier ways to kill Guardians....

    "I was a Cerberus Guardian too, until I took a sniper shot to the knee." :lol:

    EDIT: Just want to say -- I played an infiltrator so long, now that my MP'filtrator is close to the level cap, I am looking to use another class. But I really, really can't see how other classes can survive without the "cheat mode" cloak. :lol:

    Anyone has any idea what role should a Sentinel perform? Want to roll up a Krogan, so it's either a Soldier or a Sentinel. Either way he's likely to end up with either a Claymore or a Geth shotgun.

    Also, what does the Turian Marksman skill do? I might roll up a Turian just to try out a Revenant on him.

  15. One of the possibilities punted around was the ME1 --> ME2 --> ME3 imports didn't have a problem, but ME2 --> ME3 imports did as there are ME1 items possibly not included. I started from ME2, so my save couldn't read the character customization codes.

  16. Bargh. Brain melted.

    Multiplayer got up to Lvl 18 Infiltrator. pretty much maxed the relevant skills, only the Cryo blast isn't in play and the grenades are still mid level.

    For those going into multiplayer, using basic equipment is ok, you can get by. I'm running a Mantis II with a clip module, and the bonuses I get allow me to pretty much one-shot the grunts with a body shot (or a knee shot). Bigger bosses you can't deal with one shot anyway, so not a big issue. Hopefully I can pick up more Mantis and mods. Should run with only the rifle, as the cooldown bonus is nearly 80%, which at high cloak levels means the infiltrator basically can spend most of the game cloaked.

    Gotten an Incisor I and Viper II. Both are too low damage for my liking, need multiple shots to bring down a grunt. The Incisor is very good against armoured targets though, especially the Reaper tanker. Of the two, hope to upgrade the Viper; right now the damage is just too low, but the ability to fire multiple shots while scoped is very useful. Seen Widows in action, but to be honest not impressed -- overkill.

    For multiplayers, the maps are fairly ok but each has a unique point which is good for the team. Fire Base Giant on Tuchanka, for example, has this spot at the corner L-corridor near the entry point which is idea for snipers, and good for the whole team in general because it has access to long fire corridors, but still provide cover for the team.

    Do bear in mind each mission has 11 stages, with the last one being an extraction timer countdown. you don't *need* to all rush to the extraction point when the timer starts, you just need to be in it when the timer ends. So leading the whole enemy pack in a wild goose chase while keeping an eye on the timer is always a possibility -- I've setup a crossfire with my sniper across the extraction point and picked off a good number of things. That lightens the load at the end. This is good as there is a substantial bonus when the entire team is extracted, and should always aim for it.

    Also, at least 1 to 3 of the stages would require you to go out of your bunker to either hold another position, or to run around activating 4 points in sequence (no, you can't skip). This is where speed and infilitrators come in -- the faster you lock off the points or start the timer at the countdown zone, the faster it would be over and then you can mop up the opponents. For holding a point, an infiltrator can get there fast but it's way better for the entire time to pop into the zone, since the timer is modified for the number of players in the zone.

    For the point activation, see if you have a high level infilitrator on the team and send him/ her on the way. Their cloak if maxed out can hide them for almost the entire duration and their shields should absorb the rest. The rest of the team will just be a distraction and draw the enemy away. Works quite well, really. If the infiltrator is too busy trying to be hero and hold off the rest of the world... guy's playing the wrong class. :lol:

    Of the whole thing, I just dislike the poor connectivity I'm having, which wastes a number of games, and the random lucky draw nature of the parts. Overall the multiplayer experience has been quite good for me.

  17. Any ETA on the ME2 savegame Import issue? I skipped the main game for now as hopefully Bioware can solve it soon. Been working on multiplayer, got my infiltrator up to level 17 already.. just need a handful of successful missions (maybe 5), However thanks to the poor connectivity I have, wasted a number of games and right now I don't have anything better than a Mantis II... which is good enough, actually, depending on who I team up with. . :)

    (Technically I do have, but that's an Avenger V.. not something an infiltrator would likely use.)

    Tactical Cloak cooldown of 3s or less FTW. :lol:

  18. Only reason I can think of to run Vanguard with a sniper is to get to places you normally can't and start sniping from there.. But it's nice to know that you got options.

    BTW, in case nobody is aware, if you try Action mode (at least in the Demo) you default to Soldier class and auto levels, so can be a bit sub-optimal to play style.

  19. GRrr. My local screwed my order up. So I won't be getting it till Friday. I am NOT a happy camper.

    Yes, the cooldown vs. Firepower is an interesting concept I found in multiplayer. Which is why I just run with a sniper rifle in the demo, no backup piece. I cool off faster, meaning I can cloak faster. Against bots that's more important than having a backup piece, since the bots usually immediately disregard you and go elsewhere (though there are a few occassions when the bot just continued shooting "just in case"). If you are a heavy biotics/ power user, or if you have a particular reusable technique (such as Cloak or Vanguard/ shottie), going light might be better.

    EDIT: Just how big a difference? Well.. In multi, I can cloak for >10s now IIRC, and recharges in 4s IIRC... before the cooldown bonus, which is about 40~50%? So.. yeah. Big difference. I just wish I got a better sniper rifle, but that would come in time with the lucky draw.

  20. Multiplayer demo got disabled today so I just went back to the Singleplayer demo. Infiltrator-shotgunner is definitely doable, just tricky. Maxed out Overload does nasty things to an Atlas, and even a single level of Sabotage should be on priority for an infiltrator -- having it makes enemy turrets much less effective and can stall an Atlas, at normal seemingly through shields.

    Kingdoms of Amalur, you get an armour item just starting the demo, and IIRC you have to finish to get the weapon. Be warned you have to run down a timer, which is actually fairly lengthy. Good luck.

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