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  1. Hello I have Bandai's 1/20 VOTOMS Ground Use Fatty in the stash; and I vaguely remember an article in Hobby Japan Magazine that details how to turn this version into its Space Mission Type (teal green NO WHEELS) as seen below!!! I was wondering if someone who has that old issue would mind throwing me the Year and Month of Publication so I could some how find that issue for purchase. Thank You!!!
  2. Any hope of you ever offering the 3D file on Shapeways or the like. I have a few of the 1/72 scale Armo Soliders (Wave and Original Imai ) that your Inbit would look perfect posed next to on the shelf (especially correctly sized for those kits)!!!
  3. Just to be curious what scale is the inbit and what "Kit or Toy" version of the Legioss was it posed next to???
  4. So I wonder why and how 8.75 became the "norm" for the Soldier's Height??? Now if "they" had done Invid mecha "KITS" in 1/72 and 1/48 to the 8.75 height, even given the error of that height I would NOT HAVE COMPLAINED AT ALL!!!
  5. Found the pictures below a few minutes ago. they are drawings of the "relative" sizes of Mosdpeada mecha and they "implie" how "off" these kits actually are!!! dkbev
  6. OMG that Legioss and Tread are BEAUTIFUL !!!! Where can I find them??? dkev
  7. Well isn't this all bloody wonderful!!! Stated scales that are not accurate, I finally get a Invid mecha and Legioss Armo-soldiers look stupidly short as compared to the original anime!!! One last question. The IMAI kis are not accurate in 1/48 and especially in 1/72, is the wave kit closer to accurately being 1/72??? Zdkev
  8. Just to be curious is that standing figure 1" high (6 feet at 1/72) ??? If it is you are CLEARLY right the model is too small at its supposed scale of 1/72!!! Major Bummer!!! On the same note is the OLD 1/48 "transformable" Legioss model true to that scale??? Thanks dkev
  9. I was just trying to get an accurate picture of what the available models in 1/100, 72 and 48 scale SHOULD BE in height and girth in Armo Soldier mode in comparison to what they really are. These may be a bit off (especially the width) but this is what I have found so far; AFC01H Legioss (Eta) ARMO-SOLDIER MODE Total Height: 8.75 meters Armo - Soldier Height Feet Inches 1/100 1/72 1/48 28.70735 344.4882 3.444882 4.784558 7.176838 Total Width: 4.3 meters (seems a bit wide given the height (but who knows its Anime) Armo - Soldier Width Feet Inches 1/100 1/72 1/48 14.1076 169.2912 1.692912 2.351267 3.5269
  10. Just to be curious does anyone have a "reliable" number of the "ACTUAL" (and I use that term loosely) Height of the Legioss in Armo Soldier mode (feet or meters or etc. doesn't matter)??? dkev
  11. Hey Salamander Now that looks really NICE!!!!!!! I see that you got rid of that that 'boxy" missile launcher which IMHO looked out of place. By the way, if you can remember how did you get such a great "red" color scheme?? Now I built this kit back in the 80s so I was probably using a brush to paint it. Hopefully with the equipment I have no it will look a bit better. dkev
  12. So even though the box says GAKKEN on it it was "actually" made by Imai??? OooooooooooKay!!! You know I would go with the wave kit but then I would not be able to "pose" or "diorama" the kit to scale with the 1/48 Pinky Space Crab resin kit that I have. Now if there is a 1/72 scale space crab out there somewhere WHERE CAN I GET ONE?????? So I'm back to essentially square one; buy the Gakken (or whoever made the thing) 1/48 kit or just get down to the stash and pull the Monogram reboxed and rebranded Leader One (Legioss)!!!
  13. Hey Captain I thought that "ship had sailed" so to speak??? Now if it hasn't color me GREATLY INTERESTED!!!! dkev
  14. Hello Captain So that's it then ....... Major MAJOR BUMMER!!!! So before I think of going to the stash and start building the old Monogram Leader One kit I have is there any other option (trying not to blow the bank) to scale with the Pinky Space Crab???? dkev
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