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  1. None? Really? I also downloaded it because I'm in no way buying an album I had no idea about, and while I'm not swayed into buying, I can say that at least Ranka's new songs (well maybe not Koi no Dogfight, it's too perky for me) were pretty nice.
  2. Hmmm, I dunno, but there is a green and dark green reference based on the leaves on the bouquet, and that hair is different. I'm wondering if that comic strip posted by kresphy is new? Hehe, marriage talk ensue.
  3. That's big Klan. Michael is in the bouquet. Or or or, it could be that Alto promised to marry both girls. You're looking at the one he stood up. Seriously, I think it's Klan, and they found a way to get her to human size while in the proper proportions. That girl appears to be kneeling, and if so, there's no way that is chibi Klan. The proportions are just wrong.
  4. Hmmm, so it's a "cute" song then? I just thought it was on the lines of those in CMRanka because the title is... weird. Anyway, I better just wait to hear it for myself.
  5. Hey Gubaba... I'm reading some comments over the net, and they say the new song of Ranka is "虹色くまくま". It must be a joke song, right?
  6. I just hope they use it for the second movie!
  7. Well since Tochiro hasn't replied, I think I'll chime in. It's a great album. I have gone around the net reading reviews on this album, and there is a general positive feedback among everyone who has listened to it. I didn't expect it to be good at all since they made those joke releases with raunchy covers the Christmas before last. But this one is a feel-good, well-arranged, beautifully executed album. I dare you to listen to it without a smile
  8. Ninjas Anyway, just an upper for anticipation, we'll all get news in a few months!
  9. I watched the teaser and it wasn't there, just the title of the movie, unless I missed it? On the up side: http://ftama.com/girasama/ This event says that they would say some stuff about the Macross F movie 2: # ◆劇場版マクロスF~サヨナラノツバサ~最新情報! 完結編の最新○○を当日、その眼で確かめよう! The event will happen on August 15. I wonder why 情報 was replaced with ○○, like they're trying to make you guess it. Weird.
  10. Actually I just read this thread after a while now, and it's one page back where there were people thinking that October 10 was the release date of the second movie based on kresphy's joke. And it appeared again on this page, so I thought it should be cleared up.
  11. Is it official that it's released in October? I thought kresphy just pulled an April Fools' joke when he posted that, because he did say "April Fools" at the end of his post. Any official sites or publications indicating such?
  12. Did D9 deliberately pretend to be a subtle or nuanced movie? I really don't think so. Some people just didn't expect what they saw.
  13. I believe both movies were actually hammering messages in-your-face, but the message in District 9 is rarely depicted in the way it was (I personally found it really funny), so it gets bonus points for that. Avatar also had plot holes of course, but nothing that couldn't be explained by a bit of stitching here and there with more fiction, as expected of fictional stories Personally, I'd like The Hurt Locker to win the awards. Why? Because District 9, though I like it, really has its plotholes riddled in it conveniently. Avatar on the other hand would probably not be as good if it didn't have cutting edge graphics (would you rate it as highly if you saw it in 2D?). The Hurt Locker on the other hand, was simple enough yet emotional enough, had a good script, and delivered its message well.
  14. Just like some others, I liked Avatar visually, but nothing much more. I rate my movies, books, and TV shows based on character, story, script/wit, and setting. It was "setting" that Avatar excelled in, but the rest was too plain, even lacking. Some people mentioned District 9, and its similarity with Avatar, but for me, D9 was solid in all 4 criteria. Wickus especially was a very good lead character in that he wasn't really a hero type. Up to the end, he was a douche who was fighting only for his own sake, and I was torn between pitying him and judging him at the end. The prawn mech was also better designed than the amp suits, IMO, it almost hurt to see it ruined.
  15. I've been watching this in snippets since it came out, and I think of it as a piece of fanart. And for that purpose, it does seem to work well. I wonder if anyone is subbing?
  16. I'm not sure we're on the same wavelength though? Kamille has a popular line, "Kamille is a man's name, and I'm a man!" So I thought they're different because "Alto" sounds like a man's name... but then his surname is Sa-OTOME.
  17. But... "Alto" is a man's name! Oh wait there's his surname... *gets shot*
  18. Warning: Eiji Kurokawa I want the lyrics right now. Thanks kresphy!
  19. http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/-/Discography/A0...VTCL-60177.html More samples of the music!
  20. Not saying it was a bad thing, hey I like Macross more for the characters than mecha! In fact, I would venture to say girls more often love characters over mecha. But comparing a show to upright ditzy girl-oriented shows, just because some girls love the characters, I feel is not right. Frankly, it was the mention of "Twilight" that made me flare up Do share what he's saying if you have time
  21. ...I don't know about you, but I know where you could see a handful of screaming, angry, raging fangirls who care only for Frontier's characters and probably know and care very little about mech specifications. Also, they're almost always talking about which character should end up with which character... and someone told me that's how the fans of Twilight act Also, I guess I'm lucky, my girl friends absolutely think Twilight is dumb.
  22. I actually thought a bit that Kawamori said that just to be polite to the interviewers, but he didn't mean it wholeheartedly. We'll see. Also for the pics above, Ranka's upper right outfit (the pink and yellow one) suits her well, and Brera is looking gorgeous.
  23. Well, Kamiya is quite popular Though I think they're just joking about that. (Insert VA jokes about Kamiya always on the verge of losing his job because his character is dead/dying)
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