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  1. Don't know if it has already been mentioned but JAWS is better than the book- wonder what ever happened to that director, he did a good job.
  2. Sorry I missed this years con - had some Comic Con deadlines to deal with. Looks like it was a great one.
  3. They have a smaller version - it was made by Takatoku 27 years ago. Also the newer crappy Wave one. There would be no point to making ANOTHER small one. Look at the Jumbo Gundams - they have no problem selling those for $300 for a giant piece of Vinyl. Go big Yamato.
  4. I think it looks great! Are they going to be made available? Are they going to be in kit form or painted? How much? Thanks
  5. Glad to see this came to fruition. Looks awesome!
  6. Get back to your 1/48 two seaters first. Hate to see those become vaporware.
  7. Got mine from Dashgtr. Best packaging I have ever had the pleasure of receiving and opening to find a pristine item. Thanks!
  8. Pretty amazing results!
  9. This thread is exactly why I like the new scoop thread by EXO.
  10. hirohawa

    Thunder Hammer

    Bet this goes north of $800.
  11. Awesome! But I'm gonna wait till they do it in 1/60 so everything matches scale.
  12. This new way works out much better. I really don't like scrolling backwards through a 55 page thread and doing forensic work on all the comments to figure out of there are new pics on a an upcoming release. Thanks EXO
  13. Future floor wax through an airbrush is a safe clearcoat. You could try a tamiya spray clear as well. But Future definitely won't harm it.
  14. There should be a new thread for each toy release. I don't want to sift backwards through seven pages of "Looks Cool" to find a picture. It has been a real drag with these threads that combine all versions of one scale. On a car site they don't have 92 page threads on new rims.
  15. It was awhile ago. Probably early summer late spring. Just email them as they have always answered me back.
  16. Uh, No. I don't think that was implied by my post. It is identical to the WF version.
  17. The 1D head looks too narrow, almost looks like a 1A head with a different visor. The rest of it looks great.
  18. Got mine from Angolz today. Some small dents in the box from the long journey though. There is a difference between this one and the original WF exclusive. The outer jacket to the box on this new one is glossy and the WF one is matte. Angolz came through though for anyone worried about their order.
  19. That should definitely clear everyone out.
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