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  1. 53 minutes ago, Bolt said:

    Someone's account was hacked. But I don't personally know if the email you received from MW was legit. I also received one. In fact i just now received another email saying my account here is closed because someone made 3 failed attempts to login to my account.. I did reset my password word earlier today..

    So they did try to go in to your account? That is worrying.

    I also have the locked message before I try to do "forget password", maybe Shawn disable everyones account and force us to change password as a security measure.

  2. I receive a link to change email earlier today and had just use the link given in the email to change my pw.

    Normally I wouldn't do that, but since I can't login to the site and was trying to do the password recovery and didn't get the recovery email, was frustrated. So I click the link and change the password.

    That was risky. I double check the link after the fact and it seems legit.

    Did someone get his/her account jacked by a phishing email? 

    I am worried that the email I receive is not legit.

  3. 8 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    Cool cool. Post some pics once you purchased it. :good: 

    I like the latest video they posted. However, I'm not sure if this is posable. But it really looks awesome. ;) 

    I'll probably just wait if Bandai will do a Metal Build Nu-Gundam down the line. :rolleyes:


    I do hope Bandai reissue the Nu, the KO version might be somewhat possible but at least the fin fennel seems to be fixed and not separable.


  4. 23 hours ago, last_raven said:


    I urge any of you with PO for your 31AX from Nin Nin to stay on top of them via their support site and keep screenshots and receipts should you need to contest the charges with paybox, paypal, your bank etc. I hate to stir the pot on the already pretty narrow market for getting these items in the west but based on what we are seeing lately I think it's safe to say Nin-Nin and Luna Park are hit or miss at best and outright scammers at worst. Luna Park fulfilled my 31AX PO quickly(ish) and it didn't have an Amazon.co.jp receipt in the box/sleeve but I was also within the first hour or two of the PO going live with them, also why I have kept my super pack PO with them because same story there.


    Thanks for the heads up.

    They did just send me a notice that my items is now shipped (at least I have a tracking number).

  5. 1 hour ago, Anasazi37 said:

    Had to dig up a picture of the Roy prototype that was shown at the Tamashii Nations event. Dark green with yellow sections on the chest and near the hands. Is that what you're looking to replicate?

    Yes. Looks to be a simple enough customization, if we have the replacement decals.

    Looking at the tampo, do you think it is a viable proposition?


  6. 1 hour ago, sqidd said:

    I was hoping to do the same but the yellow strips are going to be the biggest issue. The only way I could come up with was to just do them as yellow stripes and lay them in at the angles they need to be. My skills aren't good enough for that though.

    I did think about masking some of the simpler shape (stripe, big letter and so on). Maybe with a bit of patient it is doable, but that is not very "scalable", ie my effort will not help anyone else. Decal is nice, once a set is done, many people who want to do the same will have an easier time.

    I hope @Anasazi37 can chime in and share his opinion on how doable the decal effort would be.

    I wonder how LEK did the decal for his DX custom. There are so many of markings. Anyone who own a LEK copy can share if the markings are decal?

  7. I have an extra set of armor that I plan to paint/customize to be Roy's color, but looking the tampo printing on the set give me pause. Creating decals for this project is kind of beyond me now.

    Maybe waiting for Bandai to release the Roy and Max color is a better option but I have no faith that it will actually be available.

    Anyone have interest in creating the decal as a joint project?

  8. 13 hours ago, jenius said:

    This is very unlikely... imagine just trying to run a business that way. All the extra effort you would create for less profits. You would be so much better served simply notifying customers that the item was out of stock and refunding their payment. It's much more likely that they save money by having the fewest number of employees and less automation so it just takes forever to get items out. It might be that they received several shipments all at once and some toys are buried behind others. My guess for NY would be more like layaway with distributors... they ran into cash problems so they only received stock as they were able to pay for it once their credit soured. We were just amazed at the slow trickle of stock they had... not realizing it actually meant they had become a insolvent. 

    I come that that impression base on what other have reported here about how things pan out for the VF-31A. People seems to receive their order after one year or more.

    So basically I am just guessing/speculating.

    It is still sad to see NY went the way it did. I have obtain a few items at a good price with them. So I still feel thankful for the service they offer while it last.

    I hope Nin Nin will fare better.

  9. 14 minutes ago, ps99042 said:

    Mine has been in "preparation in progress" for over a week.  This is my 3rd order from them and they came through for me the last 2 times so I'm not too worried.  Of course, if it's the same status on 2/1/22, I'm opening a PayPal claim.

    I have another item with them and its been in "preparartion in progress" for a few days too.

    But my VF-31AX is still stuck in "payment received.

    Will wait for a week or so before I panic. But it is encouraging to see that your is in "preparartion in progress" state. Hopefully things will move along at some point. Maybe they don't have everything they "sell" in stock and they are trying to source them now at a price that will still allow them to have some profit. I have the impression that NY have the same operating style for some high demand items. Not a very good business practice. But we have no way to be sure what is going on.

  10. 3 hours ago, last_raven said:

    I haven't specifically ordered the AX from NinNin but I have ordered a few Valks from them now. I had a horrible first experience with my YF-19 Full Set but they got it to me eventually and were very apologetic even though the two months of delays I had were due to issues with the carrier and not them mailing the package late/not mailing it. Since then I have managed to snag several items at or close to preorder pricing from them (such as the Roy VF1 and most of my YF-29s) and they have shipped in-stock items very fast. I think all us gaijin are getting the shaft right now on pre-orders with all the international logistics kerfluffles going on behind the scenes. Hope this helps put you at ease.

    Good to hear your experience. I have not deal with them before, feeling a bit nervous. Will be patient for a while. Hopefully will see some action soon.

    1 hour ago, 68whiskey said:

    I got mine last week. Packaged well.


    THanks ! I purchased a second one

    People are still shopping with them after that "Premium Shipping BS" they tried to pull?

    Mine still shows no change in status? I wonder if they get enough stock. Still good to know that at least one person is getting this shipped.

  11. 4 hours ago, Angesdad said:

    I have been keeping my eyes on this listing for some time, but nobody seems to go for it.:unknw:Odd, because it is a good deal even with all the proxy fees, shipping, and duties in. I almost bought another one but decided no because the armor parts is very specific to J and I don't see it go well with other vf variants. 

    Some customize will have fun repainting it for Max and Roy, so that is one reason to get multiples.

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