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  1. The VF-11D with double seat like Chronocidal says requires the redesign of all nose section 

    but the radar is mounted in the one of a single seat so works with the "B" and "C" variants 

    Still working in the antennas but think I'll finish even before the boosters



  2. Was wondering if this armor appears in the movie and I think not

    So this release is because it will be in a new movie / anime or the sales of the armor of the 31s are not so good, so Bandai are trying to save the molds.

  3. Thanks guys!

    The 19 with blue parts is the Arcadia we are testing a conversion kit for the ravens version


    The VF-9 cutlass is the resin version design by Xigfrid (link below)


    And the Thunder hammer is the resin version release a long time ago also we working in a upgrade to make a better version

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