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  1. It would be a shame to let it go. Would it be possible to just replace the entire left shoulder? You may be able to pop the arm off and detach the shoulder armor. There's an eBay user that offers replacement MB parts. I just ordered a few things myself.
  2. The Providence will be out soon. Should be shipping around the 24th. I'm seeing early sales for nearly 70k Yen. I pre-ordered last week for ~56k, or slightly less than US retail.
  3. P-bandai price for me is ~$466 total. At current exchange rates and assuming I were to purchase for retail price, my proxy says ~$375 inc. shipping. I'm not crazy about the Providence, so I'll probably hold out until next year and make a decision then.
  4. It's a little less at Yoyakunow. ¥26,380 - https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/gundam/18941-metal-build-gundam-astraea-ii.html ¥7,790 - https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/gundam/18942-metal-build-proto-xn-unit.html Order total $257.52 + shipping. I estimate about $30-$40 savings over ordering from pb.
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