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  1. There are sellers accepting preorders for the Destiny Freedom color ver. on Taobao.
  2. This new product isn't from Mo Show.
  3. Hey, no worries; I get where you're coming from. If OhMyPrimus is really getting too expensive and you have a friend who reads Chinese, you can consider getting stuff directly from Taobao and using a shipping provider to get it shipped to you. Airmail shouldn't be too expensive.
  4. The video review on Bilibili is also on YouTube. The toy comes with the Aile Striker but commenters on the Chinese site have bashed it for having colour separation worse than a HG's. Many commenters are also bashing the Strike for its looks, loose joints (especially the waist joint; with the Aile Striker on, the Gundam's torso tilts backwards) and generally inferior quality compared to Mo Show, but I think they're too harsh. I do like that the design is inspired by the Metal Build Strike and PG Strike and that the armour movements are pretty smooth. As always, YMMV. Some commenters are speculating that this product is from Nameless, i.e. the company that produced two horrible batches of a Freedom Gundam that had terrible quality control issues. If this is really something made by Nameless, there'll very likely be many angry customers.
  5. I was replying to no3Ljm in a discussion on whether the price charged by OhMyPrimus is reasonable. I have no issue with people being okay with OhMyPrimus's price, but I want to get the message out because OhMyPrimus is in my country and it doesn't sit well with me that they're charging an extra 20 to 30 USD for doing nothing. I've also messaged them to tell them that the product isn't Mo Show's but they've not changed anything on their site. I was a long-time lurker here and OhMyPrimus's shady bullshit is why I signed up to let others know that this wasn't a Mo Show product. So please don't condescend when there's no need to.
  6. I'd say it's still unreasonable because OhMyPrimus is overcharging customers and still falsely misleading them into thinking that this latest product is from Mo Show. The new Strike Gundam, inclusive of shipping, can be had for 115 to 120 USD.
  7. Yeah, already preordered that! Some of the sellers have claimed that MK is MC. No idea if this is true. If you use EzShip, I suppose a few dollars?
  8. Thanks for the information. Do you have any idea why McShow released this instead of the Strike Freedom? Any word on when the 1/72 Strike Freedom will be released?
  9. Not reasonable at all. It's on Taobao for 699 RMB.
  10. Well, it was OhMyPrimus that first claimed that the new Strike is made by Mo Show, and I think ShowZ followed suit without checking. None of the Taobao sellers have stated that the manufacturer is Mo Show; some even included "McShow" in the product listing. Hence, I doubt the manufacturer of this new Strike actually claimed to be Mo Show and I would very much like to know where OhMyPrimus got their information, especially because there is a possibility that buyers are being misled. True, but it's strange then that they took so long to reissue the Strike. Also, having the same molds does not necessarily mean producing a product of similar quality to the original Mo Show Strike. That product is the stuff of legend.
  11. Yet Taobao sellers have all told me this is not Mo Show but Mcshow or some other new factory. I've compared photos of the Mo Show Strike to this new Strike and they seem to be the same, however. We'll only be able to tell when someone actually gets the Gundam.
  12. As eggy99 has said, it doesn't make sense for Mo Show to use their original name when it would just invite trouble from Bandai. Quite a few Taobao sellers have told me it's either Mcshow or an entirely new manufacturer. Only OhMyPrimus is adamant that it's Mo Show (based on their secret sources). Either way, it's 699 yuan on Taobao, which is really cheap, so no harm getting one.
  13. I asked around on Taobao and many sellers have claimed that the 1/72 Strike Gundam is supposedly from Mcshow, not Mo Show. Mcshow came out with the 1/72 Destiny Gundam previously. Edit: OhMyPrimus just informed me that their sources are sure it's Mo Show - apparently many of the 3rd party brands use the same factory. I don't know what to believe at this point.
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