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  1. I so hate dubs of anime but my favorite scene in Macross II dub version is where the guy in Mash's salon walks up and says in the funniest voice "Mash Hibikis' on da phone". I use to just loop that part and bust up laughing. I loved Macross II all the way till the last 30 min. Guess they ran out of ideas for the ending and just had the Mardook do the DYRL Zen revolt all over again. That totally screwed the ending and the floating head of the SDF1 didn't help either. I think the mecha designs and the music was great, it was just the end had no payoff at all and that’s what killed it. It could have been great, it could have been a contender!!!!
  2. Send me a link of what it is, if it's not something I already have bookmarked or something that would be difficult to ship I could possible get it for you.
  3. UHHHHH last I checked this is was the Fan Works, Local Gatherings and Homepages forums for such things as "Macross fan art, cg, wallpapers, themes, etc". You never saw Petite Cola cans and mobile vending machines in the OG Macross series? It's a theme art piece using the Petite design as a new type of product similar to Pocky. So just like so many other of the fan art this is the same, only I went outside the realm of Macross mecha, and characters.
  4. How can you tell between the first, second, and third printings of the Macross Gold book. Is it marked, and if it is how is it maked? Please help.
  5. I will keep an eye out for you here in Tokyo, but most used DVDs sold here are still priced high. I'll check around on Monday and list the prices they have for the dvds you listed in yen. Can you link me or send me a pick of Mech Graffitti VHS and Minmay Special. Used tapes sell pretty cheap.
  6. Inspired by Glica's Pocky snacks. I better change the Harmony to Big West before I start getting death threats.
  7. The way you have put it is civil and understandable, and I agree with you 100% except for one thing. Keeping ones composure while answering others civil or harassing post replies is not being defensive. I’ve only responded to unfriendly accusations which I’m sure most people would do. I just don’t make it personal or start name-calling, That it what I’ve been doing since my first post and I will keep on being that way.
  8. I never said you were any of the ones, who accused me of the above, now did I? I point out that your assumption was a mistake, mostlikey do to you not ready every post up till then. Again I posted my RT link since my screen name was in question. Then I brought up my ebay feedback link to reply to a posted question. I never said you couldn't question anything, I'm just telling you the facts. You can call what I posted lame credentials or what ever you want, they were not indended for you or your opinion in any way. Yeah my sig was also updated to reflect that after it was brought up once others changed the subject. A Joke some just don't get, I guess as with my screen name. That's so funny, yeah I'm so bent on being defensive I've resulted to name-calling. Who is the one that is bent? Do or do not, there is no try. A big thanks to all who have welcomed me here.
  9. Here is your mistake. First of all my topic was only about what is everybody’s Holly Grail. Then it was side tracked by others who had a problem with my nickname. Then I had to explain why I choose the name in the first place. Which is why I posted the reason for the name, and that it was not pro-HG. I ask everybody to get back to the subject. Then people figured I was lying about being in Japan, and said I was full of crap. Then they check my IP and surprise "he is in Japan". Then I only mentioned that I was thinking I could help people find what they are looking for and did not mention money. Then jenius said, "Of course then I'd have to figure out some way of assuring you're not going to run off with my money. Does anyone know some people in the Yakuza I could employ to bust knees... I mean, keep people honest" So to answer his or her question and I came up with what I posted as a response to him. I never started this thread to "drum up business" I only want a census of what would be easiest to hardest to locate. Then I would have analyzed all of the members items of interest to see if it would be able to help them out. At this point it looks like it's not worth it. So there are the Facts, go ahead read between the line and come up with some BS reply.
  10. I find it so funny how you give people facts and they still only see what they want to see. I never had two accounts on RT.com it was a trumped up accusation that their admin came up with to get me off the forums for pointing out facts about what at was going on at HG in 2004. Even after it was all sorted out at one of the RT BBQs, I was told me being banned would be lifted and sorted out then it never happened. So you think 8 negative in 6 years of selling on ebay is a bad reference. All 8 were either deadbeat bidders lying about paying and never did, or they were just jerks and a pain in the ass to sell too. Similar to like having to defend my good intentions on this forum right now.
  11. bust knees! Pop'n out a blow of rice and bustn a cap in my ass! There are two ways to handle it. One I take paypal, so an item will be covered. Or I can set up an ebay auction with a non-related heading but with full details of the item you want at a buy now price. If you choose that you would also have to reimburse me the ebay fees for posting it. Ebay seller ID is evaproto check my feedback I’m no crook. Only 8 neg feedback since: Mar-30-99, and it all been the other persons fault. I figure since I’m already out looking for stuff everyday, I might as well just grab stuff for other people. For books or toys all I ask is for about 1000¥ which is about $8.50 as a finders fee (basically money to get lunch while I’m out searching). Other than that you pay the actual yen price, shipping supplies, and the postage. If the item is something huge then the cost would depend on what the item is. If you need me to get you something on Yahoo auctions then that takes more work due to bid wars, sending emails, and then having to take time to walk to the bank and transfer ¥ to the seller. If you know of a better way then let me know.
  12. Macross Gold Book (1st Printing) How can you tell the difference between 1st printings and the 2nd and 3rd? I've picked up three since moving here and two are complete with everything and the third is missing the poster. Mastercard VF-1Js was on ebay not to long ago I think it sold around $600 to $700 if I remember correctly. Oh crap my co-worker just told me Mikimoto is doing a book signing here in Akihabara next weekend, but I guess he will only sign his Gundam Manga that was just released today.
  13. I don't work for a store, I work for a privately owned digital art school in Akihabara known as Digital Hollywood. It's in the new Daibiru building right next too the JR station Electric Town exit side. Can't miss it the tallest building in Akihabara. Come by if you want to visit.
  14. There isn't nothing "pro-HG" in my nick name. The key word is Save. I don't want to have to keep adding replies to posts. Here is my response to the reply below this one. All this attention over a nickname, I'm flattered. In a perfect world I would rather have Mac over RT too, but that’s not how history happened. Neither of the two entities are going away, so either learn to live with it or keep up the none productive sarcasm. I'm my perfect world there would never be an anime dubs of any kind, only sub version. That is the closest way "Macross can be appreciated in its pure form". Or learn Japanese if you want it to be in pure form. NOW GET BACK TO THE SUBJECT OF THE THREAD.
  15. A kihabara is nowhere near Narita first of all. I never been back to Narita since I arrived, and when I arrived here I left Narita from the train that is connected to the inside of the airport so I've never seen the outside of it other than the tar mat. Here is what I can see from one of the windows in the building I work in.
  16. Yeah he's full of crap. 338024[/snapback] Since it's a habit of most people to insinuate and assume things, I'll apprise you of my situation. I’m 32 and just moved to Tokyo this past July. Originally I’m from Southern California, and like many of you have seen Robotech first then learned about the whole Mac, SS, and Mospeada truth later. I’m might end up living here for the next three years to possibly longer. I started this topic so I have some idea of what items to keep a look out for since I work in Akihabara and go to Nakano Broadway every weekend. Figured I could help my fellow Mac and RT fans find their Holly Grails, because I know it’s getting harder and harder to find these items in the States. But I guess I’m full of “Crap†so maybe I should just forget it? I’m probably one of the only fans who likes both versions of the show. I’m on the fence when it comes to which one is better. I love and hate both entities for things they have done and are doing to both properties.
  17. I'm not here to cause trouble, but it’s been my nickname for some time now on other forums. I've never heard of an animation inspired nickname to ever offend anybody. Well unless it's been from Disney's Song Of The South. I'm curious which part would be taken Offensive the Save or the later? My nickname is a message but its not geared toward anybody on this forum. Anyways back to the subject.
  18. Reporting for duty! Akihabara is now officially on the map.
  19. Oh also add what type of item it is.
  20. I’m curious and wanted to ask what would members consider to be their top 5 hardest to find Macross items. List in order of 1 to 5, 1 being your Holly Grail and 5 being a difficult find. More than 5 is ok. List any type of Macross related item except for animation cels. Most cels are usually only one of a kind. You can also list the same for Southern Cross, and Mospeada items too.
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