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  1. Hi guys Good day to all. I think shipping for 1D will start soon on the 19th.
  2. Hi guys, VF 1D is available again at Oikini. But price have gone up.... https://okini.land/en/23368-dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-fan-racer-bandai-spirits.html
  3. I see. Thanks.
  4. Will they do such things??? Anyone have such incident with okini before?
  5. Congrats to everyone who got it! Bought my 1st DX Roy Folker from okini (nvr used them before previously), their shipping and packaging was prompt and good via EMS. This time the VF1D they offered is slightly markup but I still took with them. Hopefully they see it through in July!!! And merry xmas to everyone here!
  6. Congrats man!!!
  7. Wow such a good deal!!!! Lol
  8. Woo hoo!!!
  9. Ya. Seriously dont know why the need to hold/delay it.....I just check tracking and mine still in Japan...... I hope we received our orders soon...
  10. Ha ha ha ok. I would have drown in envy lol. This is my first Dx lol.
  11. Wow congrats man. Thats fast.....I ordered on 29th and I'm in asia, yet they just shipped it yesterday.....
  12. Wow.... envy u man....
  13. Finally Japan Post updated their records....
  14. Wow 4 strike/super parts... very nice man!!!!
  15. I order it on Sunday and just sent them a ticket regarding this....will post again when there's update.....
  16. 20hrs ago they said its shipped, provided me EMS tracking number via email but till now checks with Japan Post says tat item not found....my first time ordering from them.....
  17. Hi guys, I received Notifications from Okini on Sunday and placed the order. Just received updates from them that its shipped.
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