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  1. Anyone know if amazon japan opens preorder at a certain time for MB or am I stuck refreshing all day on the 25th/26th? Going to try for the Dynames R3 there...
  2. Gold Frame up for pre-order @ USAGundamstore https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/gundam-metal-build-gundam-astray-gold-frame-amatsu-mina-princess-of-the-sky-ver
  3. I believe Gundam Factory Yokohama is supposed to be open until March 2022, it would be weird for them to not keep the their 'flagship' souvenir in stock through that period. Personally I would guess we would be able to buy it at around ~26000yen + shipping off resellers once the initial craze settles down. Tbh, the price on yahoo auction is not too bad right now considering how hard it is to get one.
  4. Its a metal build exclusive design. Bandai made a special version of the Hana for release as P-Bandai ("Hana ver. Hana"). Bandai then decided to milk us for more money by turning it matte black, adding the effect parts, and making the shoulder symmetrical (although it looks like they are giving us the blitz shoulder as well based on the magazine image) Edit: They did go back to the original backpack design it seems,
  5. I remember them showing off the GN Arms a year or two ago, but then it got relegated to background poster during Tamashii nation 2020, I hope it doesn't get disappeared like the ARX-8 backpack or the Red Frame Salvage Unit.
  6. Yeah, I was expecting them to get Dynames R3 or Justice out first, but F91 and Gold Frame Mina just jumped ahead. Now if they release the GN Arms that would be nice, that thing is long overdue
  7. This looks like the matte black gold frame they showed off a few weeks ago...Good thing its a general release and not a P-Bandai. Damn it my wallet is bleeding already...
  8. The new look is great, and not having to buy the option set separately is a big plus. Fingers crossed for a US retailer release. There are not that many choices to get Metal Builds in Canada without a giant markup
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