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  1. Yeah, red fins were the easy part. Black lines down the sides were a nightmare. And the red “camera” tips were a lot of work too!
  2. well, it has 2 coats of clear now
  3. Trying to use the sun for better lighting. What do you think?
  4. Thanks, what I need is a better camera haha
  5. #squadgoals
  6. Well if you do decide on the Roy, message me. I have one more available at a decent price (just not retail) if you’re interested.
  7. Meanwhile Tom Hanks is like “WTF is this?”
  8. I also prefer gray PL, especially on plastic this light. It's just a bit more subtle. The only drawback is that on the SSP it doesn't show too well.
  9. Definitely do a matte clear top coat if you are weathering and P lining. If you want to p line without a clear coat, I would recommend one of these.
  10. Macross Chronicle yeah, THAT’s why I got a TV fast pack for Hikaru and Max (unless Max doesn’t use one there, then I was just kidding).
  11. Now imagine if we had taken every dime we spent on collectibles in the past 10 years and bought Bitcoin instead, we could build an ACTUAL Valkyrie with that much cash
  12. I am lucky enough that I have a big ol' closet connected to my classroom, so my Valk and TF boxes hide among middle school science supplies
  13. Yeah, I saw your collection. It must be quite a bit!
  14. Oh, to be clear, my DYRL Roy used to be a DYRL Hikaru, not a TV Roy. I think making the red things yellow and doing the name/rank and tail 001 is actually easier than trying to change all the other decals and worry about cockpits and pilots (besides a bit of yellow paint on the helmet).
  15. Be careful with panel lining and weathering. Once you start, you will want to do it to every Valk you have. The ones without it just look too plain by comparison.
  16. I made DYRL versions before the TV version was even announced. You shoulda got one then
  17. OK, I understand 3 roys, one for each mode (right @sqidd ?) but why 4? Genuinely curious.
  18. I thought I went overboard with 4 (Roy, Max, Hikaru, Jetfire) Why on earth do you need 5?!?
  19. 3, cause that's how many could ship surface together it seemed. Maybe it punished me for getting too greedy? Did anyone else try to buy with PayPal credit?
  20. Uh oh, it has been 10 minutes
  21. So, my HLJ order hasn't actually showed up on my PayPal yet. Should I be concerned?
  22. I attempted to order 3, which is the max for surface shipping (costs $53 to the US). I can't imagine they will cost less in 3 months when they arrive, and with PayPal credit no interest for 6 months. Keep in mind though, I bought bitcoin at $5,400 but GameStop stock at $300, so my financial decisions are mixed at best, and should not constitute "great advice" haha
  23. I like mine a lot better after customization. What do you have in mind?
  24. I mean there's a pretty reliable way to fix the thigh if it breaks (slightly longer screw). And there are decals to fix the numbers that come with Kakizaki (or that Anasazi has made).
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