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  1. We are always looking to improve. The emoji was a playful reactions to the comment. Only one person cried during our lunch meeting when it was brought up. The rest of us stood strong, and ate in reflective silence as we internally mapped out how to be better. We have inquired about the other 2 items you mentioned, but have not heard anything back yet. As soon as we know something we will be sure to post it up. This will be the first P-Bandai Metal Build for us, so it may dictate what future releases we get.
  2. We were told we could sell it about 5 minutes before we put it live. We were hoping we were going to be able to sell it, but didn't want to promise anything we weren't able to deliver on.
  3. There was a decent amount of people on our site and "macrossworld.com" was listed as the referring domain. Saw a lot of people talking about it, and wanted to get the word out.
  4. Hi everyone, this is Bluefin. There was an error, and the item was never meant to go live. However, this was our error, and we intend to fill the orders that were placed. This item was a pre-order, and should ship closer to the end of the year. There was no nefarious intentions in the posting of the item, it was simply an error on our end. It is impressive that you guys found the page, as it was not meant to be listed and had no image or description. We knew we had the best fans, but now we know we also have the cleverest. We have been striving to increase the number of Metal Builds that come into the US, and if more become available, we will let you know. The item will still be allocated to our partner stores, and they should be doing their order in the coming weeks. If you placed an order through us, you should be getting an email from our Customer Service in the next day or so. Thanks!
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