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  1. Yellow eyes looks so much better! Also the 40th Anniversary base marking on the base is nice. Can't wait to see the 50th anniversary one in ten year.
  2. I noticed the condition on the title and purchased it. It was ITEM:A/BOX:B. I'm hoping they dont end up shipping that awful China replica version.
  3. I decided to stay with 1 at Bluefins and got another preorder from SureThingToys just as backup in case Bluefin falls through in the end.
  4. I'm surprised that we haven't received anything in terms of update from BlueFine yet. They garnered a lot of support from their initial response just to squander it with the lack of communicated.
  5. He honestly couldn't give me a straight answer. The person who was the original posted under the bluefin brand really should chime in again.
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