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  1. It looks like multilayered black basing - as a shortcut to a finish like that of Shuichi Hayashi jets. A shortcut is a shortcut. Ya, this is a model.
  2. Willing to bet that there's no top coat. I doubt he throws them, but after decades in this business he probably doesn't baby his work the way we do. And he probably brings a bit of paint for touch ups in case something gets dinged.
  3. He brush paints everything. There was a post above that shows a video of him starting the white on a wing. And he's pretty much done. https://twitter.com/MAXWATANABE/status/1206897395046350853
  4. Video of 1/20 fighter at the Maxfactory booth. Sounds like the fighter/no armor will be ¥19,800. At min 14: https://youtu.be/01tfKfkXmp4?t=838
  5. There's also the possible issue of the decal film. Last Sept. I used the Testors Decal Bonder Spray can and it was ok at first, but after about 3 weeks it started to shrink and ended up like this.
  6. I saw a tweet with the fighter and a sign saying 9 - 2019 or 09-19. Can't find it, so nothing but rumor, sorry. And Sept. seems optimistic. If that is the date, it will probably end up releasing in Dec. It may have been at the Heisei Plastic Model Exhibition, but it seems it was from the Miyazawa model exhibition. Max Factory had a display, but the best I could find is this (I saw a better shot). There is also this tweet from Max just showing a delicious shot of the fighter (no date).
  7. I've been lurking, but I should speak up and confirm what TMBounty-Hunter said earlier: yes please for the same kind of mini-set that he is asking for. Basically the same exact decals as his, except his pilot is Max and mine is Milia. If it all fits on one page, that great, we can cut it in half. We regularly meet up at club meetings. I'm actually not sure what her rank is. Tho I only did a cursory search. What I did see is: "PL MILIA F. JENIUS"
  8. Most impressive and delightful! Merry Christmas, one and all!
  9. I work super duper slow. I've just been sanding pieces so far, but while test fitting I got to this point and somehow fell in love with the "shape" of it. The lines and curves, especially in low light, give me this "sculptural" feel. I hung other parts on it, but always took them off. I've been staring at this piece, at this exact angle for over a week and I can't get enough. (Yeah... my issues have issues.)
  10. Did anyone else have cracked or broken pieces? I had a lot of nubs snapped off from the piece, but they were clean breaks, ready for sanding (happy days). Unfortunately I had a few imperfect breaks. Not a big deal since there's need for putty in a bunch of places (tho the wingtip break below is in a super visible spot and will need extra attention). The two worst issues were:
  11. Omg, TMBounty_Hunter and I were going to try to scratch build TV cockpits. (Turns out he's my friend and he's been here all along. )
  12. I mentioned strengthening the foot. After doing some searching I found this scene from episode 1. https://youtu.be/99XzBdhpF0c?t=1383 Since I'm doing the TV version anyway, I think that I'll be reproducing this thicker edge detail and making those internal thrusters more prominent. I did not want to do any LEDs, but for the first time I'm tempted.
  13. For the feet... extending or enlarging them could mess with the proportions. I'm sure you could make it work, though. Perhaps extending them up a little and then filling any remaining space with greeblies and mechanical stuff. (I am biased - I'm a fan of greeblies and added detail - imo they elevate the model.) One issue I have with these thrusters that double as feet is how thin the walls are. Could they support the weight just standing? Let alone during hard impact combat action? Hrm... It would be easy to Star-Trek-splain it: "new material, stronger composites, blah, blah." But it's a perception thing, they feel thin. I am considering making them a little thicker/sturdier - no firm ideas yet.
  14. 3:07 pm the adventure (arrives) begins. Dang it, I have to clean up and make enough space so I can actually open the box. lol
  15. Just joined the forum, greetings. Wow, there's a lot of Toronto folks on this thread. I got mine from Amiami and used EMS. It's in the sorting facility in Mississauga and it got hit with $59.73 duty+taxes. A fellow Torontonian also got his with the same fee. So if you used EMS, especially from Amiami, that's what you have to look forward to. Any second now... now... Sigh, after all this time it's a day or two away.
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