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  1. Thanks to all for your kind words. It was allot of fun to make, and it still has a little more work to go. I didn't use any existing models from websites like Thingiverse, however I did download a few of these to use for reference. I modeled it all from scratch which took about 3 months using every bit of free time I could find. once that stage was completed it took about 3 weeks of non stop printing. My poor 3D printer didn't get a rest, as soon as one part had finished printing It was removed from the print bed and strait on to printing the next part. I have not shown it in the photos but the roof pieces of the Dedalus and Prometheus are removable, and I am currently working on a small Mech servicing bay to go inside the Dedalus. also I am awaiting an order of Bluetooth stereo speakers that will be installed into the small blue vents on each side of the base, and I need to Print the small blue guns that sit under the main cannons. I am working on other stuff as well and have just finished a few 1/285 scale Armored VF-1's so I will post some pictures of those up very soon. my plan is to complete all the missing miniatures from the Robotech RPG Tactics table top game.
  2. Freaking Awesome!, looks amazing. Great Job.
  3. Hi All, I'm new to the Forum so wanted to Introduce myself as well as post up some images of what I have been working on. For a number of months I have been working on an SDF-1 for my Robotech Tactics tabletop miniatures. Although it's not the correct scale for tactics (1/285) in all fairness if I had made it the correct scale it would not have fitted under the roof of my house. So I settled on a 1/700 Scale Bust, as this would give me enough size for playability and still fit on the table. It took a number of months to 3D model from scratch and a few weeks to print and has been a massive labor of love
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