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  1. I ordered a few from NY and they never arrived. I submitted tickets last week requesting for refunds. These were processed yesterday and now I have a bunch of store credit at NY which I don’t know what to spend on...
  2. I think I'm in exactly the same position as you. I made the mistake of assuming scammers were limited to Ebay and if an auction price was high, it couldn't be a scam. Misery loves company, I hope...
  3. Question is whether N-Y ordered in bulk from Bandai. If not, everyone who ordered from them (after Bandai sold out) is screwed. Myself included.
  4. Nippon Yasan is now showing the Super / Strike Parts as sold out.
  5. This is insane. Scalpers are already showing up on Yahoo.jp auctions. It looks like a run on the Strike parts has occurred. I put an order into NY. Fingers crossed.
  6. Jwwu

    Hi-Metal R

    Mine felt similar. I took off the head and forced it, which worked.
  7. Don’t use Taobao for this. I prepaid in full many months ago for the DX Vf-1J and the Taobao store did not get stock for me. The super cheap entries now could be pre-orders for the VF-1J which hasn’t even had a re-issue announced.
  8. FromJapan has a 10% off Rakuten purchases promotion going on now. Separately, you can access Yahoo Japan auctions via FromJapan. The VF-1A Max from scalpers is currently around ¥26,000 shipped to FromJapan’s warehouse. Shipping to your location will be on top of that. The prices seem to be edging down slowly, like Amazon Japan 3rd party sellers. I caved and bought from Yahoo Japan auction.
  9. The only version in existence right now is the first edition with the flight stand for fighter mode. Good luck.
  10. Seeing the ads for this figure is what drew me into collecting Macross figures about 6 months ago. I had been a TF MP collector prior to that. I fell into the deep end... catching up on the HMR line within a couple of months. Thanks to the promise of this DX VF-1J, I have avoided the temptation of collecting Yamato v2s and Arcadia (their inflated prices for someone coming late to the game made it easier.) Now that I have the DX in hand, I can say that it's worth the wait. Wow, what a figure. A childhood dream come true. Only niggles to me are: the movable tail fins and wing flaps (won't use them and contribute to fragility) and the fact that the legs section separates easily unless you consciously try to keep it attached to the swing bar to achieve perfect (i.e. one piece) transformation. Oh yeah, pilot's a bit small. 9.9/10.
  11. HMR’s GBP doesn’t need fins to fold.
  12. Urge. Why does that fin even need to fold? For the crouching poses?
  13. Jwwu

    Hi-Metal R

    Can’t you get a friend or spouse to set up Ann amazon Japan account? Would that work?
  14. Does that mean the Postal Strike parts are no longer available?
  15. I don’t think there’s any other service fee with FromJapan All you have to do is copy and paste the product URL into the main search function in FromJapan. That will bring you into a different page for proxy purchase. Filled in the blanks and within minutes I had an email and then a payment request. I guess the downside is it’s full payment upfront.
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