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  1. 20 minutes ago, HG Blows said:

    Anyone else order from Nin Nin Game?  No movement on my order there.  I've also had to nudge them about shipping the last few orders I've had with them, otherwise they'd be in preparing to ship status forever.

    Im order one, no movement yet


  2. 7 hours ago, gsg-69 said:

    ¬ŅAlguien ha recibido arcadia VF4 hikaru de ellos? Pagu√© desde diciembre y me guardaron silencio.

    Well, beyond all logic, this morning I received the "preparation underway" email for my DX Chogokin VF-1J purchased on 12/15/2020. If the package is really sent and I receive it, I will notify you here instantly. I really don't know what happens with this store, what I do know is whether or not I receive my product, it will be difficult to buy something from them again, the risk is very high.


    I have chosen to create a ticket for them every day, consulting my order, I also communicate daily by chat, and depending on my mood, I treat them really bad.

    The other thing I plan to do is open a claim in PayPal for an order that I paid in November, a product that was sent to me, but with the mess they must have, it is possible that they will not even answer the claim and I can recover some money from the order they never sent me. Anyway, I will never buy again in this store, for me they are dead.

  4. On December 15th I bought a unit of the DX VF-1J (it is still in stock these days), I spent like 600 Dollars, they never sent it, I opened like 10 tickets about it, without answers. They only answered me the last one I opened and they gave me only excuses. I have already contacted VISA and apparently they will refund my money. I will never buy from Nippon Yasan again, no matter what happens to the company from now on. A shame

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