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  1. I have a feeling that was the point of the opening song though. The opening song is an octave war, it's basically 4 voices vs 1. JUNNA starts off the song, showing that she can hit low notes like the other girls, then during the second line JUNNA, Kaname's VA, and Freyja's VA harmonize but JUNNA raises her voice the loudest showing her command at hitting strong notes. Makina and Reina are just support for this song. The song itself is a battle between Freyja and Mikumo, with Kaname (and the other two to an extent) assiting Freyja. During the pre chorus Freyja and Mikumo show off what they can do individual but during the chorus JUNNA accelerates with the power of her voice. The opening song isn't really for harmonization but to show the different strength of the voices. Ikenai Borderline and Rune ga Pikatto Hikattarra, however show how both Mikumo and Freyja can match each others voice. When JUNNA is the lead voice of the harmonization (Ikenai Borderline), you can hear Freyja's VA lowering her voice to match Mikumo's octaves showing that she can hit strong notes too. This can best be heard at 2:11 - 2:15 of the full version of Ikenai borderline and throughout if you listen keenly. When Freyja's VA is the lead voice of the harmonization (Rune ga Pikatto Hikattarra), you can hear JUNNA raising her voice to match Freyja's VA octaves showing that she can also sing high pitched as well. This can best be heard during 1:05 - 1:16 of the full version of the song. Regardless of who is leading that harmonization both girls voice compliments each other exceptionally. ​For a complete harmonizing of all 5 girls voices Koi! Halation the War is the best. The full song shows their amazing ability to harmonize. As Kawamari stated, all the songs from Walkure are different, which so far has been true. Each song has different harmonizations. Bokura no Senjō shows JUNNA and Freyja's VA harmonize equally with no lead, Silent Hacker has Reina as the lead with Makina harmoizing with her, ジリティツク☆BEGINNER has Makina as the lead with Reina harmonizing with her etc. The only person missing a lead song is Kaname, and the last song axis is most likely (hopefully) hers.
  2. Observation to note this episode: 1) While Heinz song was always described as sharp and sad, Freyja noted in this episode they lacked color. Is this because his heart is now conflicted after seeing what Keith showed him. 2) The ruins affected the fold waves of the girls? But in what way? Freyja held her rune during this, Reina described it a heavy and sad. After replaying the scene I caught something interesting, Mikumo's hair reacted with it, their was a disturbance in her hair pattern. 3) Our heroine finally has a solid reason for singing. Her songs now have person, they have an identity. Which nobody can take from her. I hope the people who were annoyed with how Mikumo finally understand that this was what Mikumo wanted for her. 4) Mikumo didn't fully approve of Freyja when she was singing to cure the Var. She specifically reacted when Freyja was able to synchronize with Hayate. There is something more there. The Mikumo/Freyja saga ends. The last few minutes of the show is interesting. Freyja looks out into the galaxy, Mikumo appears but rather than asking aggressively why Freyja sings like she usually does, she asks calmly. Freyja finally answers Mikumo with her strong resolve, to which Mikumo acknowledges. I don't think we are done with Mikumo yet, but they do seem to be taking a break with her.
  3. Which is why I asked what your point was. If somebody doesn't understand what you're saying, elaborate and emphasize your point, that's the point of discussion. I'm very interested and intrigued with what you're saying. As for Kalv's post he stated that the Idols from SDFM and Frontier were not apart of the focus of the story, and the story could have progressed without them. Which was inaccurate.
  4. I can't speak for Macross 7, but I can however defend Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and Macross Frontier. Singing is very much an integral part of the story, and without Lynn Minmay and Sheryl Nome/Ranka Lee, everything would be about firefighting. Throughout the episodes of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, but specifically episode 27 Lynn Minmay's songs are used to counteract the main antagonists. Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee's songs were also used to counteract their antagonists as their songs slowed down/hindered their enemies and made it much easier for them to fight. As for the governmental structure, what exactly about it is muddy? Each of the new plants so far, Ragna and Voldor have their own unique political system. Just as how the SDFM fleet and Frontier fleet had their own unique political system.
  5. So is your issue Delta related to the fact that they focus on a J-pop idol group? Or the fact that they use advanced technology which makes them seem magical? Is it the atmosphere of the series thus far or is something different overall?
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