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  1. I just started collecting Macross toys but I'm mainly like the 1/55 versions these are my first couple of trades and purchases . I got these in through out the week. I have been a vintage transformers collector for a while now so this is new to me. Hopefully I can keep buying more.
  2. Hello I'm still very new to the Robotech/Macross toys and shows mainly the 80s show. I have been collecting vintage transformers for a long time now but recently got my first Vintage Macross toy besides Jetfire. I've been buying reissues because I can't afford the original versions. I got this one from a friend of mine even still had the receipt From 1986 in the box. Its very yellow so I broke him down and soaked his parts in hydrogen peroxide. Now it's better looking just can't seem to figure out what type of red paint did they use on the chest so I can properly restore it.
  3. I'm usually collecting vintage transformers but I'm loving these reissue 1/55. What started it was getting an original from a friend
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