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  1. That's an amazing price for that VF-25G one day that thing will be in my collection. I really want the renewal version
  2. Finally added the Constructicons to my collection of vintage Transformers. I paid 160 for the entire set but at least it's complete and the figures are in really good shape
  3. I ran into the same problem trying to sell my vintage metroplex in the box. It was going to cost over 100 to ship it.
  4. So I want to trade my 1/48 I recently purchased a couple of days ago for a renewal vf-19. It's in used condition I paid 265 for it. It was an impulse buy when I was saving for the vf-19. It's complete nothing is broken on it that I can see. I can only do this in the U.S. Because shipping this big thing will kill me. If you have any other questions let me know. Also four of the stickers have been applied and comes with paper work. The box does have tears and creases on the corners. I purchased this just a few days ago so I'm still new to the 1/48 line. Looks like the toy was displayed and had lots of dust on it so I cleaned it up.
  5. So I found my first 1/48 scale for 265 today the Miria version
  6. So I found my first 1/48 scale for 265 today the Miria version
  7. Thanks for the tip I got them to go in properly. Man this thing was super tight
  8. I got my RVF-171EX in today and let me tell you I should of bought a VF-25 of some sort. It took me over 4 hours to transform this thing. The white piece they give you for the radar fin doesn't fit very well. Also I can't seem to get the legs to turn to clip them back in the tab for fighter mode. It almost feels like I'm going to break it so I just left it for now till I learn what is going on
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