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  1. This is a pass for me.
  2. +1 on the CF, in DYRL flavor please
  3. Maybe the head/collar/chest plate are one unit that moves up (chest plate hinges out) and does a 180 and the big cockpit slides forward. Head ends up looking back and the chest plate goes to the back. I want to see more! I want to see it combined and with the landing gear out.
  4. Looking closer, I can't figure out how they are handling the chest transformation. I hope it's not a partsformer
  5. Oh hell yeah! Looks amazing!
  6. Yes! I would be completely happy with that. And after they included the grey goggles head in the GBP set it is now a realistic option.
  7. Here's hoping they do a 1/48 VF-1A Mass Production "Brownie" DYRL at some point.
  8. That wouldn't be a crazy idea now that they've included the grey goggles head with the GBP. Fingers crossed.
  9. I really hope that one comes soon. I'm surprised they left that out and put instead a GBP with yellow tipped missiles... come on. The 1A CF DYRL is the only one I want after these GBP parts to be set and done. There were 1/60 and 1/48 releases from Yamato, they exist.
  10. Roy would have loved this thing, with, like, 90 micro missiles to play with, he would have kicked some serious ass.
  11. LOL that was pretty much my reaction too, that's a long way away man... I guess it makes sense to squeeze the tooling as much as you can before the Tread and it would dovetail nicely with the 40th Anniversary, but sheesh. Looks like my wallet will get a nice break in the mean time.
  12. So I follow who I think is the illustrator of the Sentinel Legioss box and he reposted this recently down the thread he says (google translate) that Sentinel will have a "new toy" for the 40th Anniversary of Mospeada. Sentinel Tread in 2023?
  13. +1 on the replacement head, that would be the most elegant solution to get everything for the best price and best result.
  14. On the same boat, I have the 1J and want the GBP set, but I don't need another 1J. I personally don't think it's coming all in one, I think it's just going to be the parts set. We'll see
  15. Is the GBP coming bundled with a 1J or is it going to be sold as a missile or super parts set? I hope it's sold as parts, otherwise it's going to be expensive AF (and a huge box!)
  16. I like this idea but I'm not so sure about it. You need the cuffs too and the swapping mechanism you have to include for all this could make things unnecessarily complicated. And it's a non canon style opposed to the colored kites that are canon and straight forward to swap.
  17. If I had to guess, I'd say the Grey Goggle and Yellow GBP could be display only, the Red GBP is TWE and the 1D a regular release.
  18. So, to sum up, it looks like we are going to have 4 new releases right? A Grey Goggle 1J, GBP set (Red), GBP set (Yellow), and the 1D, right?
  19. It looks like the front strut is not fully extended in the locked position. That might help clear the fin, barely.
  20. Some people actually like that, like "Gunpla color separation"
  21. How do you know it's a proxy? it's $347
  22. Same here, can't wait for Sentinel to announce the Tread (I'm pretty confident it will come given some details on the Legioss) so I can put them with the DXs.
  23. Once they release this DYRL 1A in CF colors I'm done with these.
  24. It's a weathering effect
  25. 357? I think you misspelled 44 there :P
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