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  1. 14 hours ago, seti88 said:

    And the same trailer in engrish.

    I dont know, I seem to be more invested in it when its a japanese voiceover...wwwwwww...
    Perhaps it will be the other way with japanese folks wanting to see it in english with kanji subtitles....😃

    I'm %100 with you on this. I've only watched it subbed (several times) and seeing it in english seems very unnatural to me.

  2. 20 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    When you say any form, are you concentrating on figure that has diecast laced on it or any form in actuality since you mentioned you'd settle for Real Grade? As a matter of fact, Bandai did released a Robot Damashii RX-78GPO2A back in 2019.


    Thx for reminding of that one, however I should have elaborated. What I really meant was a GP-02 with a high degree of detail and features. That Damashii unit is quite lacking in the detail department.

    It's more of a personal peeve I suppose, as the 02 is one of my favourite suits and it doesn't get the love I'd like to see it get.     

  3. Personally I'd love if Lego just dropped all the licenses all together; maybe it would bring down their prices a bit (wishful thinking, I know.) However that seems to be their bread and butter so no chance in hell that's going to happen.  

    I would really like to see a modern take on any of the classic space sets myself.


  4. 22 hours ago, borgified said:

    From a Hong Kong 1/6th supplier. Right after two versions of Freddie Mercury, this guys shows up.

    For $1,380 HKD/ $177.11 USD/$223.50 CND (as of the exchange rate right now), to be out Sept - December of this year.

    Note: You have to supply the body as Win C. will give you the kit plus the head sculpt.



    I think he's missing one "essential " assessory.

  5. 22 hours ago, sqidd said:

    This is DEDICATION!:p


    I'm kind of surprised you don't have a single V1 Yamato and joke machine in there somewhere - at least that I can see. Still, that's one impressive Roy collection.  

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