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  1. Yep that was the idea Sepia and vintage is quite cliche but I wanted to give a mixed "retro futuristic" look to the image.
  2. I don't think it's just titanium (well at least in this image it's metallic paint ;D )... I think the redesign added a little aggressiveness to the plane, especially the smooth flow of wings and more tapered air intake
  3. Hey, I'm back at last with a new rendering of the Macross Fanracer. I changed the wings (again ;D) and added a pilot built in Poser. I wanted to replicate the feeling of an old photograph from the pioneers of aviation Find the other works on http://zpaolo.deviantart.com
  4. Just a teaser, I'm going on with the Fanliner, proportions are quite ok, starting to work on the fuselage and canopy, already developed a surfacing idea for the wings and body of the plane... and a teaser of a future Fanracer rendering...
  5. CoreyD yes they look too wide from end to end with that reference, but if you use the (admittedly very small) top views or front views from the anime they are almost right, and they look good if compared to the lineart when the fanliner is seen from behind. By the way I'll shrink them a little bit, just in case
  6. O'Dimes I just put together a mockup model of the Fanliner, using the revised linearts I drew in illustrator... I think sometimes the wings look too wide, but in other shots they are just good. Also in the anime wing size seems to "adapt" to the angle of view ;D Maybe I'll narrow them a tiny bit, what do you guys think? (consider it's a very rough model, just to check proportions) Paolo
  7. EXO thank you I already have the pictures of that model, they were a great source of inspiration for the Fanracer (they gave me the idea to build a more "fluid" surface), too bad there are not bigger pictures around O' Dimes thanks for the lineart, it's very inspiring, love the color work. I'm putting all the info together in Illustrator because this time I don't want to start modeling unless I'm more than sure of how the various part will fit together (the Fanracer was a mess in that respect, because each picture looks different and the front/side/top view didn't match ) Paolo
  8. Thank you all for your comments and support. I'm starting to study the design of the two seats Fanliner, it's not easy since there's only an official side view (no top view) but I have linearts and the frames from the TV show to help me By the way, I'm going on with the Fanracer and here is the latest pic, I hope you like it!
  9. This is a picture I was working on that is not on deviantart yet, I don't know if I'll ever upload it so I'll post it here for you to enjoy Paolo
  10. The two seater is great, I'm still collecting material on that and it will probably be my next project
  11. Hello all, I'm an old time Macross fan and I used to do Macross related CGI work in the past, my latest project is building a 3D CAD model of the Macross Fanracer (or Fan Racer) Hikaru pilots at the beginning of the Macross TV show. I did some changes to modernize the shape a bit, and I'm planning to add more details soon... You can find other works on my deviantart page http://zpaolo.deviantart.com Paolo
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