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  1. Hi,

    To be honest if i were the seller and my buyer said "my Paypal has just been hacked" i would worry about my details. I have no idea what level of data they can get, but i would worry all the same. I might have cancelled it too. It's one thing someone cancelling a transaction out of the blue, it's another being given such news, which is definitely not something you hear every day. He might have lost confidence about everything going smoothly. Just trying to help you see both sides.

  2. VF-1 Roy TV, Roy Weathering, Hikaru weathering, Max weathering, Kaki weathering, J Mass, J Hikaru, D, A DYRL, Dark Bird. VF-X Elint, Ostrich if you count those. I have passed on some low priced M&M J and Virgin Road over the years and now kicking myself about it!

  3. I cant believe how expensive those lego sets are. Seeing them made me think that it would be fun to build one. but I don't think I can justify that much money for one though. :blink:

    They were not that expensive at release. This is just the Macross-equivalent scalper of LEGO you are seeing but in a much sicker version! I think this was $600 or something?

  4. Maybe it's just that as we are centralized as a group, being vocal to the QC issues let's more people become aware of said issues and say "Hey! I got the same issues!" and adds to the encounter rate. Compared to someone not on here and just got their valk with QC issues, he's on his own and not able to let anyone know. Maybe they can use social media to vent but unless they have followers that like Macross or collecting to help retweet it wouldn't help address the issue.

    What would be the best way to contact Arcadia about the QC issues without having them lose face? Arcadia's customer service email? Being outside of Japan, would they even consider problems encountered and address them or just brush it off as "Sorry for that happening, non domestic purchases are buy at your own risk". How about via social media? I've noticed a few postings/retweets on his twitter about some of the QC issues but not too many. Maybe if a lot of people start describing and posting pics of the QC issues on Arcadia's twitter it could be addressed better or is it a cultural no-no to talk negatively like mentioned earlier?

    But if the fans in Japan are able to get customer service and ultimately all are kept happy why would they be posting about issues?!? Look at Amazon. I am sure that everyone has had one bad experience by now, but they go out of their way to please their customers that it seems as though no one has ever encountered issues!

  5. Hi,

    Just to update this to say that the postage for this to the US was much higher than i expected and the sale did not work out. I have decided to keep it for a while but if i decide to let it go i'm gonna let everyone who contacted me know.

  6. VF-0A looks so good :)

    I was considering getting it, but I won't risk getting a defective product for that huge price. I don't like the lack of tampo either. Beautiful valkyrie, not worth the price unfortunately until Arcadia fixes the hip problem (unless you can fix it yourself). I'm actually kind of mad if they already had the issue on VF-0D and didn't fix it. The problem will then probably persist on to 0S aswell. Bad way to do business.

    It doesn't look like it's defective as in if you do this or that you are guaranteed to break it as with the Yamato VT-1 and Bandai's CF VF-171. The VF-19 too had that leg joint that if you clicked more than three time you broke it and they never changed that. I'm a fighter only guy so as long as it's not rattling when you pick it up...!

  7. Ordered my VF-0D from NIppon Yassan and it was one of those with the misaligned intake markings. I only opened this week as i got excited about the VF-0A arriving shortly - which i am definitely opening immediately and if required also opening a paypal case, no kidding. NY was not able to help with this issue , i contacted them yesterday offering to pay the shipping fees. A normal person might be ok but i'm annoyed so i prefer to take a loss and sell it. I have checked every other part and i noticed one tiny paint imperfection on the right wing. Please check the photo. It's always been in its box, i didn't handle it at all. Otherwise all else looks ok. I normally sell through my ebay account dmm8110 (have sold a VF-4G, YF-29 etc there) but as this is a complicated case i'd rather sell to someone who already knows of the issue, or perhaps wants another for a much lower price, which is ... £100 and i absorb the paypal fees. Plus shipping on that , which on a quick check is £25 for USA and £20 for Europe and £11 for the UK. I have attached photos of the markings too. Check my ebay feedback if you want!


  8. Looks like the green color is much more consistent across the board. The old one had different shades of green across various parts. Very good.

    I have v1 and i honestly think that the uniform green of this new release makes it less interesting to the eye. But i can understand the upside if that makes it more consistent with how it's supposed to be.

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